At the word "broken" Falcon's head snapped around. Water broken? Did she just say her water had broken? That meant she was almost due for birth. Any moment now...

"HOLY CRAP!" he yelped, shooting to his feet. "They're coming NOW?!?! But... what the.... ack!"

Eternal looked at him. "Of course they're coming!" she said. "What were you expecting?"

Falcon opened his mouth to say something, but rapidly shut it again. He had no idea what to do now, but thankfully Helena had stepped forward, looking remarkably calm given the circumstances. She moved over to Eternal and knelt beside her, probing her bulging stomach with quick, practised motions:

"Do you feel any muscle contractions yet?" she asked, as if it were perfectly natural.

"Not yet, but..." Eternal grimaced, "I don't think it will be long."

Helena nodded and turned to Falcon, who was skittering about nervously behind them like an overexcited dog. She barked a series of instructions at him, herbs she's need, a bucket of water and half a dozen other implements she'd need. Scarcely hearing a word, Falcon shot off in search of the items Helena needed.

"Great timing kids," he muttered sarcastically. "You really know how to freak me out. A birth right now of all times? Talk about bad timing."

The End

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