Traveling againMature

After eating and getting everyone together they begin to treck again. Eternal find it bad but she finds herself filing through Falcon's mind.

She's putting everything back in check making sure that all his reactions are normal and that any thought of madness is erased.

But it leaves her tired right down to her soul the only power she can feel is in her tummy.

I'm really dying, Eternal thinks. Her stomach is the only energy in her body..... the only thing keeping her up.

That and Falcon's arm round her. Falcon suddenly shakes his head and Eternal knows her filing has worked. "We need to get a midwife..... I can't deliver a child" Falcon says shaking his head. "I don't why I didn't say it before. I was feeling.... confused and lost"

"I know" Eternal says putting a hand to his cheek.

"If she gives birth before you travel the ocean our nurse Helena could do it" A earth person says bringing over a petite female, blond hair and dark brown eyes.

She curtsies. "I will be able to help you" she says. Just then Eternal feels wetness between her legs.

"Great" Eternal gushes out. "Cause the recent use of my power has caused my water to break"

The End

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