Twins? thinks Falcon, chewing his lip worriedly. Holy shit, it wasn't just a baby it was twins? Just when this situation couldn't get any more complicated.

"Okay," he says, pacing the ground. "This is new... well..."

Oh dammit, he thinks, I have no idea what to do! What do I look like, a midwife? How the hell was he supposed to know what to do? And what about the birth? How was he supposed to deliver a baby, let alone two! Oh holy crap...

Life looks between the two of them, utterly confused:

"What's going on?" she asks Falcon, watching her sister warily.

"Oh nothing, don't worry." says Falcon, trying to keep a calm face.

Yeah, nothing but freaky dreams, twins, Eternal's hormones and me talking to myself. Nothing unusual whatsoever...

"Hmm. I'm hungry." declares Life.

"Food! Right!" says Falcon, still utterly distracted, "I'll go find something."

With that he strides purposefully off into the trees, feeling lightheaded and slightly slap happy. There's gonna be twins. Twins! He giggles, but slaps a hand over his mouth. Okay, he thinks, I'm going mad.


The End

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