Forced CalmMature

Eternal gasps as her eyes open her tummys aching.

We won't hurt you mummy, the voice echos in Eternal head.... the last words of Eternal dream. She see's Falcon watching her and begins to cry pulling on his t-shirt and cuddling into him.

"What's wrong?" Falcon asks. "Eternal tell me"

Eternal shakes her head. "Its nothing just a dream" She whispers pulling away from him and wiping her eyes. She begins to get up with difficultly and of course Falcon rushes to help her.

"When they come out I am seriously going to constantly remind them that they gave me one hell of a painful pregnancy" Eternal hisses.

"They?" Falcon says raising an eyebrow. Eternal snaps her mouth shut and moves off quickly. "Wait, Eternal. You just said they? Eternal are you having twins?"

"Yes, god damn it" I say cursing when I can't walk futher cause of my back ache and the weight of my stomach.

I don't know how Falcon will react. I do know two things.

One, I am going to be giving birth to twins. One boy and One girl and that together they will only a fraction less than my power.

Two, I'm going to die. And possibly not return to this world again.

Cause dieing doesn't mean I will not come back it just means that the body I have now will lose its life and that my soul will move on.

Immortals can't die but we can fade.

The End

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