I seem to have developed a skill for being kicked awake tonight.. ouch!

A hard knee joint collides with Falcon's shins, making him yelp. Eternal is tossing and turning in her sleep and sweat runs in rivers down her forehead. Her dreams are obviously no more pleasant than his. But should he wake her?

"Eternal," Falcon whispers, "Easy there, calm down, it's alright."

Eternal groans in her sleep and does not reply. Falcon pulls her closer, grimacing through the kicks that continue to collide with his shins. This is going to hurt in the morning, he thinks.

"It's okay. You're safe, nothing's going to hurt you." he continues to try and soothe her, but she doesn't appear to be listening. Whatever it is in her dream appears to have her tight, either that or she's still in a very deep sleep. If this is Shadow at work again, Falcon thinks bitterly, I'll have his head on a pike. What right does that demon have to go prying into people's minds? He's really starting to make life difficult, and Falcon is getting more irritated by him with every passing moment. When he gets his hands on Shadow, it won't be pretty.

Finally, Eternal stops thrashing. Falcon leans down and looks at her eyes, still closed, but can't tell if she's awake or not:

"Are you alright?" he asks, still not raising his voice above a whisper. "Can you hear me?"

The End

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