Eternal doesn't know where she is..... she's sitting in a room. She reaches to protect her tummy then realises its flat again. She jumps to her feet and searches around.

Then she stops. "This is a dream" she whispers her voice echoing. Then crying starts.

Eternal turns and rushes towards the noise then she spots it ahead...... a crib. She slows down. "Dare I look...... Dare I look at my future?" Eternal whispers. All her thoughts are echoing out loud through her lips.

Then slowly she approaches the crib. She looks down and gasps. Laying in the crib is not one but..... two children. They lie next to each other now silent but they are gripping each others hand.

"Twins" Eternal whispers. "I'm going to have twins"

"Not just any twins" Eternal rounds to the voice to see Shadow standing there he smiles slightly when Eternal lowers into a protective position in front of the crib.

"Don't worry I'm not here to harm you...... I set up this dream to tell you something. I saw the signs when you left the castle and went to find a person with the future sight to see what is to come of this" Shadow slowly aproaches the crib and stands next to Eternal looking down at the children intriged. "These children when together will be almost as powerful as you...... problem is. Its you or them"

Shadow looks at her then frowning. "It was quite sad news"

"What do you mean me or them?" Eternal says feeling a pain in her chest.

"If you give birth you will die" Shadow says simply. "Thats whats fixed"

"But..... but I'm immortal" Eternal whispers.

"That's what I thought but apparently these to when born rip apart you life force taking it for themselves" Shadow says looking down at them. "Your own children will kill you"

"You lie" Eternal shrieks.

"Why would I do that?" Shadow says turning to look at her. "In this place you cant lie and I need you. Without you no one can locate the stone..... or even touch it without your permission"

Eternal grips the side of the crib and begins to cry. "Get out" she whispers. When he doesn't move she turns on him. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

The End

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