Dreams at MidnightMature

Falcon's awoke several hours into the night. It was Chocolate who woke him, the little bear-creature had kicked his leg in its sleep, waking the ever alert Falcon with a jolt. Then again, the dreams hadn't been helping him sleep much either. They weren't exactly terrifying dreams, but they were enough to make him very uncomfortable. Most involved some enormous door, so big it spread in every direction as far as he could see. He dreamed there were noises coming from the other side, familiar voices he knew to be those of his friends. Once or twice in these dreams he'd heard Eternal on the other side of the door, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get through, or hear what they were saying. And always, every time, there had been a great hourglass hanging in the air above him, red sand trickling through it at a slow but relentless pace.

Falcon sighs and looks down at Eternal. She is still asleep beside him, head resting on his shoulder and one hand lying protectively across her alarmingly big stomach. He smiles and looks up at the sky. This would be perfect, he thinks, if only the circumstances were different. What he wouldn't give to have some of the others here, the ex midwives and healers, who would know what to do when the birth came and some of the warriors to keep a watch in the dark. As it is all they have is one young girl, a small bear-thing, a pregnant woman and him. Although he, Eternal and presumably Life are immortal, they don't seem a particularly formidable force. Particularly not when there'd a dragon lurking on the horizon, waiting for them.

Why now? Falcon asks himself, why did Shadow have to find us now? If we didn't have to find this stupid Stone everything would be fine, we could find a safe place to wait out the pregancy and then head north, out of the way of the fighting. Gods I wish the others were here. I wish I knew how they were doing. Shadow had better keep his word about those two weeks. Falcon grinds his teeth angrily. If Shadow dares lay a hand on any of them he'll tear that demonic bastard to pieces. However, all he can do for now is wait, and hope.

The stars hung like diamonds in the sky, and the moon was a bright silver sphere above them as, slowly, Falcon closed his eyes and once again fell back into a fitful, dream-filled sleep.

The End

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