Keep movingMature

"We keep moving" Eternal says getting to her feet. Falcon rises with her.

"Its a three day travel to the ocean" one of the earth people says. Life skips up to Eternal and looks up at her sadly. "We need to move quickly then" Life says.

Eternal nods and begins to walk with the same pace she always uses. Falcon rushes up to her side. He's worried.... nervous, scared she's gonna fall over.

"I'm fine" Eternal says to Falcon. But she's not, her back hurts and the weight of her tummy is weighing her down. Also she lied to Falcon. They don't have a week.... they hardly have those threes days it will take to reach the sea.

They continue to walk. All day. Eternal's feet ache to the bone by the time they stop near a small set of trees.

Falcon pulls Eternal off to the side wher he sits down pulling her into his lap. He holds her carefully and Eternal lifts up his hand to place it on her stomach.

"I felt him kick" he whispers.

"Him?" Eternal says. "You sure it's gonna be a boy?"

"Positive.... well I hope. I wouldn't mind if it was a girl.... wait was that two kicks" Falcon mutters.

"Hmm, seems he's kicking pretty hard" Eternal whispers snuggling closer to Falcon.

"Yeah...." Falcon mutters but his voice trails off. Eternal doesn't have time to think about it cause she falls into deep sleep.

The End

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