Not Enough TimeMature

Crap, thinks Falcon, this is a sticky situation.

"How long do you think you have?" he asks worriedly.

"A few days now, a week at most." Eternal replies. "We've been travelling for three days now, and it's still a long way to the Islands."

"So we can't afford to wait until after the birth," Falcon muses, more to himself than Eternal. "We have to be there and back before two weeks are up, and we only have seventeen days left..."

He trails off, trying desperately to work out what's happening. He doesn't know how long it will take them to reach the Islands, or how Eternal will cope with the birth. If she gets too big or the birth is too exhausting they won't be able to keep going. Besides, who brings a baby to battle a dragon?

"Time," he mutters, "We just don't have enough time."

It's a dead end, he realises. Either they keep going and risk it, or they stop. But then it might already be too late. If they don't get back in two weeks, their friends will be killed. It's a rock and a hard place, with no way out and no compromise to be reached. Falcon groans despairingly:

"Just not enough bloody time!"

The End

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