Illusion with FlamesMature

"Yes, but I don't see how that would help" Eternal whispers her hands placed lightly on her tummy one over the other.

"Well if you created the right illusion they couldn't see you right?" Falcon whispers back.

"Razers rely on their smell and hearing cause they're blind" One of the earth people hisses.

"I have a better Idea" Eternal whispers. "Life"

She grabs her sisters hand then runs out of the circle. "Eternal!" Falcon shouts but a shield puts itself up around them.

Life looks up at her sister Chocolate in her arms. "What we gonna do?" she asks. But they're still running and the Razers starting to sense them.

"Time to set this creature alight" Eternal says smiling down at her she then spins round pulling Life with her. "Ready?"

"But how do you know it will work?" Life shouts.

"I don't" Eternal says. Then she lights flames catching them in her hands. She can see Falcon to the side watching her with fear. Life copies Eternals movement catching flames. She seems to also be scared but Eternal can't consentrate on it as the Razer moves to stand before them.

"Go!" Eternal shous they throw the fire and the Razer catches alight sequeling in pain. It disapears down into the ground.

Eternal sighs with relief and she lets the shield down. Life cuddles Chocolat burying her face in its neck. Then something shocking happens.

Eternal grips her stomach suddenly and lowers herself to her knees holding her stomach.

Falcon rushes over and pulls Eternal to him. "Are you okay?" he asks. Eternal nods silently and Falcon sighs. "Why is the child growing so fast?"

"Its cause until it actually enters time and space itself living off its own energy it will grow faster than it should. Also I swear it just kicked" Eternal says looking up at Falcon. "We're not going to reach Titan islands before my water breaks"

The End

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