An IdeaMature

The Razer looks at the group for a moment, it's blazing face devoid of any feature save an enormous black hole where its mouth should have been. It tilts its head, scenting the air, sniffing around the earth people like a dog. Then its gaze locks on Eternal. Falcon snarls at it.

I don't know what sort of foul little nightmare you are, he thinks, but I wouldn't recommend getting any closer. He shifts again, keeping his sword in plain view of the Razer. It knows he won't hesitate to use it. The creature lets out a quiet yowl and begins prowling the group, searching for a weak spot. None of the earth people move, keeping their tight formation. Falcon watches the creature's every move, barely blinking.

"How do we get rid of this thing?" he hisses. "What do you do to put these things off?"

"We don't." replies the nearest earth man. "Normally we don't come into contact with them, and if we do they just ignore us. We've never been in this situation before."

"That's really helpful." Falcon mutters, still watching the Razer prowl. It's eyeless face hasn't looked away from Eternal once, and its beginning to make hungry sounds.

If they could just distract it, Falcon thinks, if they could get its attention away from them, lead it off down the tunnel or something... but how? What would distract something that follows the scent of something living more than two lives at once?

"Eternal," he hisses, "I have an idea. You can do illusions right? Really life-like ones? Because I think I have an idea..."

The End

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