Of we goMature

The Earth people still helped the trio and treck out with them at sunrise, minus Thunder. Falcon had his arm around Eternal's waist and she was leaning into him.

"Can you two get any more sickening?" Life says crinkling her nose and looking at them with slight discuss.

"Yes" Falcon says. He tilts up Eternal's chin then crushes his lips on to hers kissing her pasionately.

"Ewwww" Life squels running of to the earth people who are laughing. Falcon pulls back then kisses her lightly six.... seven times.

"Shouldn't we consentrate on the Dragon we will have to slay-"

Eternal's voice is cut of by rumbling. All the earth people run back and shove Life at Eternal who catches her. They put themselves around the trio protectively.

"What is it?" Falcon asks pulling out his sword.

"Put that away human. It aint gonna work against the Razers" one of the earth people hisses.

"Razers...." Eternal gasps. "You mean life senses"

"Yep" the person says. "If we remain still they might not sense us"

"Not with me" she whispers looking at Falcon. "Two life forces"

At first he's confused then he gets it. "They're gonna target her" Falcon shouts at them.

"Are you sure the only way they can easily target someone is if they are female and..... pregnant"

At that moment everyone turns to looks at Eternal whose starting to show clear signs.

"Holy crap" one whispers just as a bright human shaped creature bursts from the ground.

"Is everything earth based here" Falcon hisses standing protectively in front of Eternal.

The End

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