Euphoria... and a ProblemMature

Falcon stares at Eternal, eyes like dinner plates, feeling as if everything in the world has just frozen in space. He looks into her eyes, searching for some incling of explanation, but there is none. She's pregnant. And somehow he knows that the baby is his. A ton of bricks seem to crash down on top of him and, for one moment, he doesn't move. Then, without warning, he springs to his feet and whoops at the top of his lungs. Eternal looks up at him in consternation, consternation turning to alarm when he swings her to her feet and hugs her close:

"I don't believe it!" he says, "I just don't believe it! This is brilliant, oh gods, I'd never dreamed this might happen, it's just..." he trails off, running out of words to express the euphoria that fills him.

Eternal sees the look on his face and her tense look relaxes: "You're not mad?"

"Of course not! How could I be mad, this is incredible!" Falcon is ecstatic, but then he remembers something and a shadow crosses his face.

"Ah." he says. "We have a problem."

Eternal nods sadly. Falcon chews his lip: "How long until it's due do you think?"

Eternal shakes her head, "I don't know. A few months, weeks perhaps."

"Well then," says Falcon, grinning slightly. "We'd better get this Stone fast. Better finish off the dragon before I have to start changing nappies."

The End

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