Let me goMature

Eternal stuggles. Thunder has her in a vice like grip. "Stupid human" He hisses. "I'm not harming you"

"You're helping me either.... Let. Me. Go!" Eternal shouts. She kicks back. And Thunder releases her gripping his private area.

Then the door comes crashing down. Falcon takes one look at Thunder then Eternal in her state and smacks the hilt of his sword into the other mans face. He goes over to Eternal sheathing his sword and pulls her into his arms.

"I shouldn't have left you alone" he whispers into her hair.

"He wasn't harming me..... just trying to force me to become something I don't want to be" Eternal says her voice muffled cause her face is pressed into the fabrics of Falcon's shirt.

Life walks in then seeing the closeness of the two people grabs Thunder by the coller and hauls him out shutting the door behind her.

"Your sister doesn't even need to be told" Falcon laughs. He pulls back and looks at Eternal. He strokes her cheek with his thumb and then leans close to press his lips on hers.

As he does Eternal winces gripping her tummy. "Are you okay?" Falcon asks helping her to sit down. He pulls her into his lap and rests against the wall.

"I'm..... I'm fine" Eternal says clearly out of breath. She puts both hands to her tummy softly..... a small lump is starting to form.....

She's cant be that far gone can she?

"Um, Falcon.... theres something I need to tell you" Eternal whispers. She looks up at him. Now may not be the best time but..... he needs to know. "I'm pregnant"

The End

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