Open The Door!Mature

"Eternal!" Falcon cries again, giving the door a brutal kick, "What's going on in there?"

"This is none of your business human! Get away from here!" Thunder's angry voice retaliates from behind the door.

Falcon snarls and kicks the door again, harder this time: "Leave her alone! You open this door now or I swear I'll break it down! Eternal, can you hear me?"

No reply from behind the door. Life runs up to Falcon's side and starts hitting the door with her tiny fists, Chocolate yapping at her heels. The earth people stare at them in alarm, and one or two step forward as if to try and stop them, but think better of it and melt back into the crowd. They stand back, the women holding their children close and not even the biggest of the hunters daring to go near the furious human. A good thing for them, as Falcon grows increasingly frustrated.

"Open the bloody door you stinking mud man!" he roars, now using his sword on the door, leaving enormous dents in the thick wood. He hears Eternal shriek from behind the door and redoubles his efforts, teeth bared in grim determination:


The End

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