It took a lot of blinking and arm pinching before Falcon finally realised that he was not dreaming. The scene before them is like nothing he's ever seen before. There are more of the earth people, dozens and dozens of them, in the large cavern to which they have been lead. There are women and children here too, who look up at them with bright curious eyes. Falcon shifts uncomfortably, surprised and unnerved by all the attention. Evidently the younger ones have never seen humans before, nor does it seem have some of the older ones, who gather together in groups, whispering and pointing.

"It appears we've made quite the impact." he whispers to Eternal, not completely light heartedly.

Life appears to be the only one who isn't unnerved by all the attention, in fact she almost seems to be enjoying it, waving and smiling at the people looking at her. Up ahead, Thunder is greeting another party of earth people, presumably more of the hunters. Falcon continues to shift nervously, jigging from one foot to the other as if standing on hot coals. The people walk past them, gazing up at them inquiringly, tilting their heads in curiosity.

Okay... this is awkward, thinks Falcon, stepping closer to Eternal as Thunder returns. He's smiling again, and something about the way he's looking at Eternal sets Falcon's teeth on edge. No, he tells himself, I'm not jealous. It's just because he's not familiar, that's all. I'm just being cautious.

Aren't I?

The End

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