Help and JealousyMature

"We have our den.... You could stay the night?" Thunder offers. Eternal looks up. The sun is setting.

"Deal" Eternal says. Thunder moves to her side seperating her from Falcon. "We will also acompeny you as fare as the ocean for our race cannot step of land"

Eternal looks back at Falcon whose staring at Thunder seeming pissed. "Thank you" Eternal says nodding to him. Life skips up and Chocolate is cradled in her arms.

"We really thank you" Life says smiling up at him. Thunder kneels down and ruffles Life's hair. "No need little one. We are glad to help those who show true spirit" he says.

"Me and My sister have had these powers from birth. I would hardly call it true spirit" Life says pouting.

Eternal steps back and goes to Falcon. "You okay?" she asks.

"He seems a bit over friendly with you" Falcon says.

"Well, I did just lower there cage and am not one of them.... Wait a second..... Are you jealous?" Eternal stares at him shocked.

How can he be jealous? I'm carrying his child for god sake even if he doesn't no. Eternal pushes the thoughts from her head.

"You have no need to be jealous" Eternal mutters.

"Come" Thunder calls. "The Mothers and children will be happy to see a new face and I'm sure the other hunters are back"

Wow...... the news is shocking to Eternal. There are a lot here so how many are there all together.....

The End

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