Falcon looks Thunder up and down, before inclining his head in reply. These people seem friendly enough, if a little hostile to visitors. None the less, they're better than whatever other horrors might be lurking down here. Falcon has the feeling those slime things aren't the only unsavoury creatures they could come across. Speaking of which...

"Forgive me for asking," he says, "But what were those things up there? Blobby, black-ish coloured, smelt like a cesspit... sound familiar?"

Thunder snorts distastefully, "Those things? They lurk in the shadows waiting for prey to fall in from above. I'm surprised you managed to hold off such a large group, with only two of you fighting. Apparently you're a lot more surprising than we first thought."

You have no idea, thinks Falcon, smiling to himself. Then, remembering his manners, he bows slightly to Thunder and says:

"Sorry, I forgot about introductions. My name is Falcon, this is Eternal and her sister Life. The hairball there is Chocolate."

Chocolate growls at Falcon, his furry hackles rising. Thunder laughs, a deep gravelly sound.

"Welcome all of you. May we offer you any assistance?"

Falcon looks to Eternal, "What do you think? You're the one leading the way after all. Should we carry on or take a rest? I don't know about you but I don't fancy taking my chances in the canyon in the dark."

The End

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