Earth BendersMature

The ground rumbles. None of them know what's happening then people jump from the wall appearing out of nowhere. But as they land a cage builds up around the trio.

Then finally its seems they are finished and a man approaches. "What are you doing in the Canyon of Earth?" he demands his voice powerful. Life wimpers slightly.

"Oh, so thats where we are?" Eternal notes. "Hmm, we are slightly further away than anticipated"

The earth people seem confused. "Where are you heading?" the man asks.

"Titan islands" Falcon says. Theres an intake of breath and murmuring. "Whats the matter? I know theres a Dragon but-"

"Our fear is not of the Dragon but of the powerful object locked away there by the goblins" The earth man says.

"They locked it away" Eternal says shocked and annoyed. "Great now we have traps to deal with. Goblins may be ugly but they are smart"

Falcon raises an eyebrow. "I thought they were ugly and dumb.... henchmen?" he asks.

"No that's just stories" Eternal says waving it off. The earth people just stare the how-can-they-act-so-calm stare.

Those stares you do when you think the way someone is reacting is totally wrong and you're just shocked.

"You cant go to Titan Islands" the earth man says. "Either you will be slaughtered by the dragon or killed by the traps that surrounds the object of power..... they cover the main island"

"I dont think so" Eternal says smiling. She clicks her fingers and each spike up arround them shoots back into the earth and its like the people can't believe there eyes.

"Incredible" whispers the earth man. He kneels as does all the others. "My name is Thunder. I am the leader of the tribe and you have our survices"

The End

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