Fancy FootworkMature

The monsters ooze and gurgle sickeningly before them, the noises making Falcon feel like vomiting. One lunges for them, but Falcon's sword tears through the creature's thick slimy hide and it retreats, oozing a foul-smelling slime. Its howls of pain alert the others and next thing they know the black things are coming at them from all directions. Instinct kicks in and Falcon's sword seems to take on a life of its own as he retaliates, gagging occasionally on the stink of the blood-ooze.

"What are these things?" he calls to Eternal, who is also locked in combat with more of the creatures.

"No idea, but they're certainly not friendly." she replies, using a newly conjured blade of her own to cleave one of the creatures clean in two.

One of the monsters flies at Falcon's shin. He leaps out of the way, plunging his sword into the back of the creature's neck before whipping around to face his next opponent. He knows it's going to take more than fancy footwork to deal with these things, they just keep coming, even though by now the ground is slick with the blood of their kindred. Life whimpers behind them and Chocolate snarls feebly at the monsters, still cowering in Life's arms. What Falcon wouldn't give to have Dane or some of the other archers with him now, or anyone else for that matter. Any form of backup wouldn't go amiss right now.

Suddenly, just as rapidly as they attacked, the creatures withdraw, slithering off into the shadows like liquid. Falcon watches them go, wiping gunge off his face. He turns to Eternal:

"What's that all about?" he asks, confused.

"I don't know, but something tells me we should move on. I think there may be something else coming." replies Eternal, pulling Life to her feet.

Falcon nods, but before they can go anywhere a low rumbling starts, almost silent, but so powerful it makes the ground shake beneath them. The trio freeze. Falcon and Eternal raise their swords, looking around for this unseen presence.

Holy shit... what's that?

The End

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