Eternal isn't feeling so good as she climbs down the side of the canyon. She could easily transport but...... she cant leave Falcon to climb down on his own.

Then suddenly a sickness rises in her throat and she vomits against the rock surface. She remains still a while after and Falcon catches up with her. "Eternal.... whats wrong?"

Eternal looks across at him then shakes her head. "I'm fine" She whispers. Then begins to climb down again. Life shouts up to them.

Eternal looks down and gasps. Surrounding her and chocolate are..... ewwww. The monsters are black blobs that squelch and bubble as they move the bubles poping when they get too big and releasing a terrible gunk.

"Falcon!" Eternal calls up. He looks down then his face turns to an expression like he's going to be sick. "We need to get down and help her"

Falcon nods and they begin the climb again. Fast quicker...... sometimes losing there footing. Then Eternal can't take it anymore. She grabs Falcons ankle and transports them next to Life.

Life throws her self at Eternal shaking. "I don't want to let her out...... I don't want to let her out just to fight this" Life cries.

"Let who out?" Falcon questions.

"No time for questions look!" Eternal instructs. Putting Life and Chocolat between them they turn different ways to face them.

The End

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