Down the CanyonMature

Holy heck. That is one deep canyon, thinks Falcon peering down at the bottom of the deep trench, the bottom barely visible from their height. He picks up a stone from the ground and drops it, watching as it plummets down into the depths.

"Well," he says at last, "No sense standing here looking at it, let's go."

"What about Chocolate?" asks Life.

"Carry it, either that or teleport to the bottom, if you can." replies Falcon. Life nods and scoops Chocolate up in her arms, disappearing and then coming back into view at the bottom of the canyon.

"Right, our turn." says Eternal, looking grim. Falcon laughs nervously and they lower themselves over the edge.

What does nature have about throwing heights at me? he thinks miserably as, slowly, he begins to clamber down the canyon, Eternal not far behind and. Slowly, they begin to make their way down the treacherous rockface. The stone is crumbly, and more than once they are forced to scrabble for a new foothold as it gives way beneath them. Keeping his gaze locked on the rock in front of him, reciting over and over in his mind "don't look down, don't look down," Falcon keeps himself pressed as close to the rockface as possible. Eternal mutters to herself, face screwed up in pain. Her stomach must be giving her grief again, thinks Falcon, traversing the rockface so he is underneath her, ready to grab her if the need arises.

Life calls up from the bottom, but her words are snatched away by a strong wind that blows up from below. Falcon swears under his breath, this is definately not where he wants to be right now. The sooner they get to the bottom the better.

The End

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