"Ah" Eternal gasps. She grips her stomach. Falcon's arms are around her instantly. She didn't realise he was that close.

"Are you okay? That's the second time today you've had stomach problems" Falcon's voice is worried.

He can't suspect so Eternal shakes her head. "I'm fine, perfectly fine" She straightens up wincing inside.

It hurts but she doesn't want him to know..... not yet. She can't tell him when he's lost all his family. Wont it be sort of.......... selfish.

To tell him he has a child.... that they are sort of a proper family now in its own right? That would maybe excite but hurt him. When they've rescued the others She'll tell him...... only then.

They reach a canyon. "Oh Oh" Life sings. They look at the thing and Eternal shift uncomfortable. Life cuddled Chocolate quietly.

"Right how are we going to get across this?"  Falcon mutter.

The canyon is at least 30 metres wide and 200 deep and there is no bridge or crossing.

"Climb down and back up?" Life surggests.

"Hmm, whats down there though?" Eternal whispers. They all lean forward to look down into the dark depths of the canyon.

"Its like a split in the earth" Life whispers.

The End

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