Damn It AllMature

Chocolate gambols around Life, licking and yapping at her like a happy puppy. Falcon crouches on his haunches beside Eternal, watching the two, but still with a protective arm around Eternal's shoulders. She's shaken, that much he can tell. Something has scared her, and it has something to do with Life. Falcon looks at the young girl suspiciously, eyeing her as if for some sign she is dangerous.

"You alright?" she calls over to Eternal. Eternal nods, but Falcon feels her tense.

"We should get going." he says, gently pulling Eternal to her feet. She's a little unsteady, but still strides off meaningfully. Life follows a short distance behind, Chocolate still playing about her. Falcon stays close to Eternal, like some great dog guarding it's mistress. Eternal may not want to tell him what's wrong, but he's going to stay with her anyway. She's all he has now, and her problems are his problems. Yet he still finds himself yearning for the security of the troop. At least with them he could be sure someone was always watching his back. Now, especially with Eternal so shaken, he feels exposed. Vulnerable.

Great, he thinks to himself, now not only is Shadow after us, but this Life girl's giving Eternal the shivers. Oh yeah, and there's a dragon to slay at the end of this. How could I ever forget the dragon?

At that moment, Chocolate decides to trot up and sink his teeth into Falcon's ankle. Falcon yowls and kicks out at him,

"You little bastard! Come here you little shit, I'll skin you alive and feed your entrails to the crows! What is your issue you blasted hairball!?!?"

Chocolate yaps at him and dances out of reach. Falcon snarls and stalks back to Eternal's side, his mood now as black as his eyes. I had to go and say it didn't I? "How could this day get any worse?" Well it just fucking did.

Damn it all.

The End

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