Life turns to Falcon smiling but its like there is something hidden behind it. "My name is Life. I'm Eternal's sister. We were split when are parents died. She lost her memory so didn't know I exist and left me when she woke. I've been searching for her since then"

A vision flashes before Eternal's eyes.

Life is baring her teeth at her. Her eyes are burning Dark violet, angry and full of fury.

What did Eternal do? And why does Eternal now feel a that a sense is creeping back, that she was starting to feel sadness and when she looked at Life she felt also a hint of fear mixed with pity.

Why? What happened?

Eternal shakes her head then see's Life playing with Chocolate laughing. Falcon comes up and Eternal feels his tension. She turns to him and puts a hand on her shoulder. He turns and looks at her.

She reaches up on her tip toes and kisses him. Then suddenly a vision flashes to her mind.


"It wasn't my fault" Life cries. "She took over..... It is my fault. Mum and Dad are dead cause of me"

"No, Life" Then Eternal's cut off my a hand clenching around her throat.

"And you're going to be dead as well" Life hisses. Her eyes change as does her expression.

"Force her out Life..... Force her out" Eternal chokes. Then with that she falls unconcious and with it her memory of that night is dragged from her.

"You are forever my servent Life.... When you watch Eternal walk away tomorrow with no knowledge of you you'll see whose in charge" Life whispers but the voice isn't hers.


Eternal gasps coming back into reality. "Is something wrong?" Falcon asks looking at her worried. Eternal shakes her head but looks back at Life in fear.

The End

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