Falcon watches the sisters embrace and feels something twinge inside him. As Eternal sobs into Life's narrow shoulders, he turns away and stares out at the horizon, looking at it but not really seeing it. He remembers all the nights he spent with his group, right from the first day when they picked him up, a small skinny boy with nowhere to go and nobody to care for him. He couldn't remember anything of his life before that, and the group of outcasts which he had eventually come to lead had replaced the emptiness that used to be there. Now, without them, he felt more alone than ever. Sometimes he'd find himself looking over his shoulder, expecting to see Catherine chasing after Mary, or Rowan wrestling with his sister. Most of all he remembered the nights when he'd slept beside them under the night sky, feeling their warmth, with someone's - usually Dane's - shoulder resting reassuringly against his, assuring him he wasn't alone.

He shook his head, pushing the memories aside and turned back to the sisters, who by now had separated and were talking avidly together. Falcon shifted uncomfortably, feeling very out of place. Chocolate was snuffing Life's hand, licking her fingers and making her giggle as Eternal smiled at her. Everything fit here. Everything but him.

Well if this isn't awkward, he thinks, scraching himself nervously and scuffing his feet in the dust. It seems there was rather a lot about Eternal he hadn't known. Then again, she'd never mentioned a sister, or family of any kind. This was proving to be very confusing, as well as awkward.

"Forgive me for asking," he says finally, "but who are you? And how did you find us? Not meaning to sound rude, but I want to know, quite bluntly, who you are and whether or not you are going to murder us in our sleep."

The End

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