Mini YouMature

Eternal felt uncomfortable. She dare not tell Falcon in case he gets surpicious. She cant tell him yet.

She looks down at her stomach luckily it seems like she's looking down at Chocolate whose curving in and out of her feet.

"Are you okay?" Falcon asks coming up to stand next to her.

"I'm fi-" Then Eternal gets hit and tumbles to the ground along with a smaller body. She stops tumbling and jumps up turning to face the person who tackled her.

"Huh??" She says looking at the small child. The little girl has midnight black pigtails reaching just below her shoulders.

Her eyes are light violets and they stare up at Eternal amazed. Then slowly a smile spreads across the childs face. "Sister" she shouts throwing herself at Eternal.

Eternal catches her and freezes in shock as the child burys her face in Eternal's neck.

"What the?" Falcon says looking at them. Eternal pulls the child back holding her arms length away.

"Who are you?" Eternal asks confused. Realisation flashes on the childs face.

"Oh yeah, I must admit with the mind wipe and time length you wouldn't really remember me. My name's Life and I'm your sister" The child says then smiles.

"Wait.... does that means she's like you and also....... Eternal...... Life....... Eternal Life"

Falcon bursts out laughing and both Eternal and Life turn to glare at him. He shuts up. "Yes, I am like her. But while she stopped aging at close to her twenties, I stopped in my young teens"

"How old are you.... body wise?" Eternal whispers.

"14 and yes I know I'm small" She says folding her arms and pouting. Eternal cant find the words so she does the only thing she can do.

She pulls Life to her and cries.

The End

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