Travel FarMature

Eternal sighed. "Its a stone that contains..... a fragment of space a time. Release it and they could kill everyone they're aiming it at. Its one use only and could destroy Frost's whole army"

"Wow that's powerful" Falcon says. Eternal fidgets.

She takes another deep breath. "I can't touch it when we find it Falcon. If I do all the energy will flow into me and it will start all over again"

"What do you mean?" He asks starting to get worried. Eternal looks across at him.

"I created The Stone. A time ago when they caught me they force me to extract out some of my powers.... but before they could take it..... I transported it. Far off this land"

"Wait, you saying you put it on one of the Titan islands?" Falcon gawks at her shocked.

"Not one of the Titan islands....." She turns and looks at Falcon. "The main one"

"Oh god" He whispers shaking his head. "People tell horror stories of that place. No one actually goes there"

"It contains one type of creature people gaze at in awe and fear" Eternal says picking up Chocolate and letting it rest on the hip away from Falcon.

"The Dragon" Falcon says letting his head drop. "And I thought Chocolate there was a pain.

The End

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