Eternal freeze then winces gripping her stomach. "Eternal, whats wrong?" Falcon says running to my side.

He moves Chocolate aside with his foot and Eternal's to much in pain to care. Then the pain begins to fade..... And she vomits on the the rock.

Falcon's arms support her. "Are you okay?" he whispers. Eternal nods then Chocolate jumps into her arms. It licks her face and she laughs but wince again when she straighten up.

What's that pain? It feels inside me. Like a tight cord. Her thoughts are confused then it hits her.

Eternal freezes, She stops laughing. "Eternal" Falcons voice is worried. Eternal shakes her head then smiles at him.

"I'm fine" She says. "We need to head west.... then walk close to the canyon"

Falcon nods. Chocolate jumps from Eternal's arms then races ahead. "The little things a pain in the arse" Falcon mutters.

"I thought you would be use to that with children in the group" Eternal says calmly.

"Yeah, but children I can handle.... although I've never had to handle a baby or a toddler so I cant say there" He says then shrugs.

"How come?" Eternal asks.

"Just cause no one usually gets pregnant among the group and pregnant people usually never join" He says.

"Oh" Eternal mutters.

God, how am I gonna tell him. Eternal worries. Maybe for now I should keep it a secret..... Keep the fact that I'm pregnant a secret.

The End

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