Disagreements with ChocolateMature

Now I know why I don't like heights, thinks Falcon as he clings to a handhold in the cliff face. Eternal watches him from the top, a smug grin on her face. He glares up at her, and the small brown creature at her side, which appears to be glaring at him in return. He moves to another handhold, crawling up the side of the cliff like a spider. He swallows and keeps his gaze focussed on the rock above him. Immortal or no, he does not like heights.

A rock gives way beneath his fingers and he swears loudly, digging his fingers into the gap it's left behind before, finally, hoisting himself over the edge.

"Showoff," he mutters to Eternal. "Just cause you can defy the laws of gravity..."

She rolls her eyes at him and moves off, the creature Chocolate at her side. Falcon tries to walk beside her but the little animal keeps lunging at his ankles. He snarls at it, but the creature merely sinks its teeth into his foot by way of reply. He yowls and Chocolate skitters away to hide behind Eternal.

"Stupid furball," he snarls, "Come near me again and I'll turn you into a hat and gloves."

"Don't be cruel! He's only playing with you." replies Eternal, scratching Chocolate's ears. Falcon glares at the animal as she walks off, still rubbing his foot. He follows a short distance behind her, keeping close, but well out of range of the bear-thing's sharp teeth and thinking death thoughts.

Bloody hairball, he thinks viciously, just wait until I get my hands on you...

The End

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