Eternal wakes to chatter. Noisy and rude. Her eyes slowly flutter open then she jumps yelling slightly which wakes Falcon.

He crouches up as well and they both stare down at the tiny critter. Its a small bear with brown fur and large black eyes, totally black. You can just see its small pink nose, on his head are sharp pointed ears instead of round.

"What is it?" Falcon whispers. The little animal scuttles up to Eternal running on all fours then rubs itself against her leg.

"Its quite cute" Eternal whispers stroking its ears.

"We need to get going" Falcon says. He moves out of the tree in silence. Eternal watches him sadly. Its like the creature senses it and begins to lick her hand.

Eternal laughs. She picks the creature up and it moves to rest on her hip. She holds it with one arm around it. "I'm calling it Chocolate"

"You cant keep it, it will slow us down" Falcon protests.

"I know the way and I'm keeping it" Eternal instructs then begins to stride ahead.

"Stupid animal" Falcon mutters then races after her. "Do we need to go fast? I mean Shadow's behind us"

"No, if we keep a steady pace with that head start we'll remain ahead of them" Eternal says then a cliff comes into view. "Oh, we also have to climb this cliff"

Falcon looks at Eternal then shakes his head. "You are unbelievable" he laughs.

"And thats why you love me" Eternal teases. "Catch me if you can" Then she races up the cliff.

The End

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