Eternal RisingMature

Eternal and Falcon are still on the run. The group have been captured by Blaze.
And the couple must fight and make deals with creatures that even Eternal has only heard of.

"Falcon pick up your feet" Eternal shouts back. He nods and speed up. She knows his lungs are hurting. Her's are as well.

But they can't stop. Not till they are far away from the castle. They should have never gone that way. Now the group has been taken.

Curse Shadow and his prepared crew. They knew they were going to have to risk it. And they lost the risk.

"What's going to happen to them?" Falcon gasps.

"They'll keep them alive luckily" Eternal whispers. "We need to get The Stone Falcon. Its something we can bargin with to get them back...... and for me to not be imprissoned"

Falcon nods. "Then lets get it. Whatever it takes"

"Falcon, The stone could help them win the war. We be handing it to them"

Falcon goes silent as they run and reach the cave which they duck into. Those words Shadow shouted to her a few minutes before she began to ran.

'Two weeks before I come after you Eternal. Two weeks till they die'

She shakes her head then turns to look at Falcon. He's in pain. His face is strained and his body tense. She leans into him.

Then slowly he relaxes his arms going round her. "They're my family Eternal. Apart from you they're all I've got" he whispers.

"I know they feel like family to me to now" She whispers. Now that they finally except her. Joke with her. Except that she would never harm them only protect them.

"Falcon..... if we go and get The Stone..... we'll be facing mosters I've only read of in books and heard in stories..... They will be things of nightmares" She chokes out.

"We have to do it Eternal" He says giving her a stern look before kissing her softly.

The End

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