The cave and Truths


Outside the Goverva, Jasper reverted back to Chester. He just realized that he was able to control herself and revert back and forth as Jasper and Chester whenever he wanted himself to. He no longer needs to feel misery to be able to be Jasper. Nor did he need anger to be Jasper.

He went to the cave where he hid the black crystal. Chester knew that no one was able to move it or even touch it because of the spell he cast on the location. And when he reached the spot where he put the crystal, there it was, untouched. He thought of destroying it, but had a second thought. There may come a time when he's no longer there to protect the people. The people might need something to defeat an evil person in the future. He realized, after him, there's a possibility that a person, either a witch or a warlock, will come to bring chaos to the people and the only chance to stop that person is with the use of the black crystal.

He was about to leave the cave when he saw a girl sitting on a huge rock in the cave. Chester approached him and smiled at her. "What is your name? Why are you here in this cave?"

"This cave is where I always go to whenever my father and I fight. This is the only place where I can feel safe and secure." She looked at him. "I do not know why, but everytime I am here, my fear fades away just like my tears."

He sat near her. "Do you know what this cave used to be called?" He saw the girl shook her head. "This was known as the Cave of Faint Fear. Everyone who would go here would have his or her fears fade. The moment they step inside this cave, their fears are like being being erased. That is why all people who come in this go out without whatever fear he or she went in with.

"But even though, this is also called the Cave of Fools because there are people who go here also are afraid to face their fear and choose to find a way to escape their problems. I hope you are not of of them."

"I have never known those things. I have never heard of it," she said. "So that is why I feel relieved whenever I go in and out of this cave. But how can this cave do something that much?"

"This place is where Melvick used to stay everytime he was feeling very lonely, sad or frustrated. This is the only quiet place he could find by that time. No one else comes here before. Since he felt this cave like a place where you can forget his negative feelings or thoughts, he thought that maybe he can make others feel the same way whenever they come inside this cave," he asnwered. "Anyway, what is your name? I think you are of a royal blood."

The girl looked very surprised. "how did you know that I am a daughter of someone royal?"

"I can tell where a person came from just by looking at that person." He smiled at her. "So, tell me what your name is."

"I am Princess Elza. I am the niece of the current queen of witches. We live not very far from here." She pointed her fingers at the top of the mountain in front of the cave. It was a few yards away. "Behind that mountain is our mansion."

"I am pleased to know you, Lady Elza. I am Chester, the protector of the black crystal which I'm hiding inside this cave." He gave her a slight bow. "If you are a niece of the queen, you should not be here at all. You could be in so much danger wandering in this forest. Someone might come at you without any warning. There is no one to protect you. Warlocks are very evil people. They would give no mercy to those witches they meet."

The girl smiled. "Thank you for your concern, but I can handle myself. I can protect myself because I am strong enough to do that."

"If that is what you want, there is nothing I could do. I am in no position to oppose what you wish," Chester said.

"By the way, you said that you are the Protector of the Black Crystal. I thought that Marcus was the one protecting it. Where is he?" she asked.

Chester's face looked down with a frown. "He's been killed by warlocks because of the crystal. The warlocks want the crystal but Marcus refused to give it to them. That is how I ended up protecting the crystal."

"Lighten up. I'm sure that Marcus is looking with you right now and proud of you for continuing what he left." She gave him a slight smile. "And if he's not with you, I'm still sure that he is proud of you."

He smiled back and stood up. "I should be going now. I have other things to do. Farewell, Lady Elza. I'm sure that we will meet again some other time." He bowed and went off.

Elza just stared at Chester until he can no longer be seen and suddenly, she draw a despicable smile onn her face.


Outside the forest where the cave was, Chester went on the tip of a cliff. He stared at the village that lies in front of him. It was the village where Marcus found Chester lying on the floor unconscious.

"If Marcus did not find me on that day, I would have not been Chester and all I know is kill and never know the meaning of mercy. If it's not because of him, I would have been Jasper for always," he whispered as if he's talking to someone.

When he was about to turn and leave, he felt something. He looked back at the village. It's under attack by warlocks. He saw that the village was slowly being burnt by warlocks. He looked at the clouds and uttered, "Yestre ventu." All the sudden, it started to rain and the flames that were consuming the village disappeared. After seeing that rain fall, he left the cliff and returned home.


Back inside the castle of Goverva, Chester locked himself inside his room and read the spellbook he made when we were once Velius. One by one, the memories started to flow in his mind like he was just watching a movie. He remembered the reasons why he made those kind of spell. There are some spell that would cause no harm to others at all. There are some that can destroy all in an instance.

He paused for a while and looked outside the window. He's thinking of destroying the book so that it cannot cause suffering to others. Chester was lifting the book high and was about to burn it when he sensed Elza, the girl he met in the cave, in danger.

Chester teleported to the place where Elza was. He saw that she was being held captive by five warlock.

He shouted, "don't hurt her or I will make this place your grave."

The five warlocks laughed and let go of the girl.

Chester became very confused. He did not understand what was going on. He completely no idea.

One of the warlocks went behind him and stabbed his back. The dagger used by the warlock to stab him was completely covered by his blood. The three men drank Chester blood on the dagger and gave him a cruel smile.

"We set this trap for you because we want to be the ones to defeat the Prince Jasper for the first time," one of the warlocks said.

Elza added, "I cannot believe that you were totally fooled by that spell. I used a spell to make someone believe I am actually the niece of the queen."

"I thought no one can do a spell like that anymore. How do you know that?" he asked. "And that spell is also very powerful to perform that you will also need a very powerful person or at least a decendant of Melvick."

"I'm a decendant of Melvick," Elza answered.

The five men looked surprised by what Elza said.

Another one of the warlock said, "that means we can get something out of you. I think you will really be of good use to us." He grabbed the girl. His grip was too tight that she could not break free.

Elza cried out a spell that made the one gripping her hands be smothered by an unknown air that only he could smell and ran.

The third man caught her, pulled another dagger from his pocket and stabbed her. "I've had enough of you. We're finish using you, so goodbye now."

Chester just stood there and let Elza be stabbed through her chest. In great anger, Jasper was again awakened. "And so history is repeating itself like I am doing right now. When will you all ever learn that no one will be able to kill me? What is going on inside your head? But you don't need to answer those questions because you will die here and right now."

The fourth warlock laughed, "how will you be able to do that? We took your blood so your powers will not work on us."

"You do not know how wrong you are," he smiled crookedly. "drinking my blood is not a way to escape the death I want to give you, it will only make my work easiest." He erased the smile on his face and looked at each of them every two second.

A minute later, their bodies fell dead on the floor just like logs of wood.

Jasper stared at the bodies on the floor and said, "I do not like it when others kill my relative when it's not what I want. It's one of the many things that annoys me most." He stared at the dying body of Elza. "You great, great, great grandfather sure does not like what you did." He knelt beside her and pulled the dagger from her. "I am going to regret this sooner or later." He touched her on the chest where she was stabbed and healed her.

Elza felt the pain disappearing very quickly. She felt better than she did a moment ago. "Who are you?" She stared at the bodies on the floor. "How did you do that? You were able to kill them with just a snap of a finger. And it is also not possible for anyone to heal someone who is near death. Melvick never shared a spell like that to anyone. Answer me! Tell me who you really are. How come you know so much?"

Jasper reverted back to Chester. He smiled at her. "I think it would be much better for most people to not know the truth about me, especially you. What I did to you is not from the knowledge of my present but my past life." He stared at her eye to eye. "I am still the person you met in the cave. As I have said, I'm Chester, the Protector of the Black Crystal."

"You need to tell me. I beg of you. If you don't, I will just kill myself and your deed will just be in vain." She picked up the dagger on the floor.

"Do what you want now. If you want to take your own life after I saved you, I don't care anymore. You are not my responsibility," he said, turning his back on him.

"Please! I beg you. Tell me who you really are. When we first met, I felt I know you. I felt that I've met you before but just cannot remember it." She followed him.

"Of course. We have met each other before. And also, it would be a shame if you do not know me," he answered.

"What? What do you mean?" she asked.

He faced her. "I am Jasper, The Prince of Warlocks. Now you know what I mean? You'll be in terrible danger by the time you tell me you do not know me."

Elza was shocked. She could not speak. She heard of him before but never knew his face.

"I knew you would be shocked to know the truth. Everyone does everytime they find out I really am the Prince of Warlocks. That reaction is not new to me," he laughed. "But do not worry because I won't hurt you. There is also another truth. I will tell it to you but you must not speak of it without my knowledge and permission. This is what I promise you. By the time you speak of what I am about to tell you, that will be your last word that you will ever utter, and probably your last breath."

She nodded. "I promise to keep it."

"I was Melvick. That is the reason I know such spells. I can remember all the lives I've been through. I was also Ludricko. I am the one who started all these. If it wasn't for me, there would be no warlocks," he replied.

"But if it was not for you, we are not here now. You are the reason all of us exist. I'm not even sure that i'll ever exist if you did not start both sides." She couldn't believe that she's face to face with her ancestor. Elza stared at him with wonder. There were many things she wanted to ask.

"What are the things you want to ask me? I know there are so many questions in your mind right now. Start asking me all of those things right now before I go back home," he said.

"Why are you here? How could you remember still who you were before?"

"Since I am the strongest witch that existed, existing and will ever exist, I have the power to know all things that happened in my past lives. I can remember them like it was just yesterday. All those memories are still crystal clear," he answered.

"That's incredible! So that is the reason you know all the spell you ever made since you were born as Melvick, even the ones forgotten because of the passing of generations." She looked at him in the eye and asked the second question. "Why are you here right now? After decades, what is your purpose of coming back?"

"I've never disappeared. I lived among you when I finished my lives as Melvick and Ludricko. I just kept silent for a long time. For decades, I planned all the things I need to do when I reincarnate. I planned to reincarnate as the son of both light and darkness because I am the prince of both," Chester answered. "I saw everything I have done and started, so now, I have to right all those things I have done wrong."

"So that means you are going to save us and destroy the warlocks?"

"Maybe. I'm still confused right now. I do not know if I should kill them or rule them." He turned around and started walking away. "I no longer want to answer anymore questions. I need to leave now. You should go home as well. Your parents are worried about you by this time if you don't come home." He opened the door and left.

When Elza opened the door attempting to run after him, he's nowhere to be found. He vanished in thin air.


Chester teleported straight to his room. He did not want to see his father. He's afraid that the next time he reverts back to Jasper, he will never go back to being Chester.

He picked up the book of spells that was left lying on the floor. He looked for a spell that might help him, hoping he made something useful at that time but just forgot what and how it is. Sadly, he found nothing. He forgot that he did not expect somethings that were happening to him to happen. He frowned.

"If you did not find a spell to help you now, why don't you make your own? You are almost as powerful as Melvick and Ludricko. I know you can do it." Raven was just outside the window, flying. She's been watching Chester ever since he arrived back.

"How do you know what this book is?" he asked.

Raven answered, "you forbade us to enter the room without your permission. We know we could never break what you cast. We became very curious of what the book is, so we cast a spell to let us at least peep what it is."

"Thank you for informing me. After this, I am going to cast a spell to prevent anyone entering and seeing the inside of my room. I don't want anyone wanting this spellbook. It's too dangerous for both worlds to have around. I wonder why Velius made such spells. I would want to destroy this book but I do not know if I can," he said.

"Actually, it was only I who found out what it is. Do not worry, I have no intention of planning to get that book nor telling it to your father. I know that he won't do anything about it because he's very afraid of you." She leaned her elbows on the window.

"There are so many spell here that are very difficult to cast. There were so many people who died just because of casting them. They were warned not to do those because Velius was the only person capable of doing so, but they did not listen. In the end, they died." He looked at her with a serious face.

"Was Velius the reincarnation of Melvick in his era? How come he was able to cast spells no other witches or warlocks were able to do?" Raven asked.

"Yes, he was the reincarnation of Melvick and Ludricko," he answered.

"Ludricko was Melvick as well?!" She was shocked with what she found out.

Chester nodded. "He was betrayed by all those people he considered friends and very close to him. That is the reason he wanted the witches to disappear and create a new kind that is the warlocks' but it failed. He created the warlocks but was not able to erase the witches' existence."

"Now I know what's the reason of the start of the warlocks." She teleported in front of his room's door.

Chester opened the door and went outside with her. He locked his room. "Let's walk outside. We never got a chance to walk together outside without killing, do we? Everytime we went together outside, killing was always involved. But let us not do that now. I just want us to walk down the village."



Outside the castle, they saw a little girl approaching them. She wanted to ask them to help her find her parents.

"They went to Goverva and they never came back since then. Please, kind lady and sir. Help me find them," the little girl cried.

Chester looked at Raven. He whispered, "I know what you are thinking. We're not here to kill anyone. We are only here to walk. But a little good deed for a moment won't hurt. Let us help this young girl."

"Why should we? We don't even know who this girl is. Let us just say an excuse to not help her. And besides, I think she wants to go to Goverva to look for her parents," she whined.

"If you are not going to help her, at least allow me to do so. I feel pity for this young girl," Chester replied. He left Raven and walked towards the girl. "Don't worry. I will help you find your parents."

The girl did not say anything. She just smiled at him. Her eyes sparkled like glitters scattered all over the moon.

Raven got irritated with what Chester was doing and teleported back to the castle.

Chester no longer saw Raven when he turned around. He knew that Raven did not want anything about doing something good even for a moment.

He turned back to the girl. "Where did you come from? Who are your parents?"

"I'm from the village of Chivani," the young girl said.

Chester knew the place. It was where he used to kill so many people back when he was little. It's the place where he killed the most. He looked down the little girl and asked, "what is your name?"

"I'm called Linda," she answered.

"Okay. Linda, we are going to your village to wait for your parents. But this time, we are not going to walk. We are going to fly to reach that village. If we are going to walk, it would take us at least two days to reach the place. So hold my hand and let's start going to the village's direction." He offered his left land which Linda took with no hesitation and they flew five meters high above the ground. "If they don't come back within four days, we are going to Goverva to look for them.

After half an hour, they were in the town of Chivani. Chester looked around and saw a great change in the town. He assumed that the village had not been attacked by warlocks for years.

"I am surprised how you kept this village as it looks now with all the warlocks' attacks. This village looks better than the last time I passed here," he said.

"The warlocks were not able to defeat us without their prince. Our village was very relieved when they found out that the prince was missing. That gave us the upper hand," Linda said.

"Sadly, you should be aware that the Prince of Warlocks has been found," Chester replied.

Linda nodded her little head. "Yes, all the people in this village are aware of that news. We are afraid that our village is again in terrible danger."

They walked until they reached a mansion.

"So you are a daughter of a duke?" Chester asked.

Linda answered, "yes. Actually, I am the daughter of the duke."

"Since when were your parents went to Goverva?" he asked.

"They went there five days ago to ask and beg their king not to attack this village anymore. After they entered the gates of Goverva, we never heard anything about them," Linda answered.

"Okay, let's not wait here anymore. We are going to Goverva to find your parents now," Chester said.

Linda smiled and held Chester's hands immediately. Only this time, they did no longer fly but teleported straight to Goverva. They were there the moment Linda opened her eyes.

She was terrified by what she saw within the land. Chaos was everywhere she looked. The sky did not have a sun at all. Darkness was covering the whole place.

"Just stay beside me and nothing will ever happen to you. I'll protect you and your parents. By the time we find them, I will send you back to your village and I will stay here and deal with the warlocks," Chester whispered.

They went inside the Dungeons of Misery and started looking for the girl's parents. They found her parents inside the second cell from the door. Her parents did not look like they were happy to see their daughter inside that place.

"What are you doing here? Escape while you still can, my darling. They will kill you by the time they find you here and they will not hesitate to do so. Run!" the father shouted.

"I came here to save and free you from this place. I will help you fight those warlocks," Linda cried. She looked at Chester. "Kind sir, will you also help us fight the warlocks so that we can be free?"

Chester answered, "yes. I will help you be free from those warlocks."

"But they are too powerful within this land because this is their territory so they have the upper hand. There are only four of us and thousands of them. We stand no chance against them. So just go and save yourselves," the mother said.

Suddenly, six warlocks entered to check the prisoners. They found Chester and Linda in front of her parents' cell. They did not recognize Chester because it was too dark so they threw balls of flames.

Chester made a shield to protect Linda and opened the lock of Linda's parents' cell. The parents were shocked with what Chester did. But they knew what he wanted them to do. The family ran away and out of the dungeon.

When they were inside the forest in front of the dungeons, Chester was already through fighting the warlocks and caught up with the family.

"How were you able to open the cell with no great struggle at all. We have been trying to open that for days with all spells we know and combined powers, but you did it with only looking at it. Who are you?" The mother was trembling.

"I am Chester, The Protector of the Black Crystal. I am here to help Linda. It was a coincidence we met. I found her in a town market far from your village," Chester answered.

"It does not matter how he did open the cell, what matters is that he helped us from danger," Linda said.

"How did you end up in that dungeon anyway? You said you were going to ask the Warlock King a favor." Chester got a little curious.

"We wanted to make a deal with the warlocks so that we will not be attacked anymore. But before we can go near the castle door, five warlocks captured us and brought us to the dungeon with no particular reasons at all. We told them we just wanted to talk to their king, but they did not listen," the father replied.

Chester took a deep breath end looked at Linda's parents. "One thing you should know about warlocks is that they do what they want. They never are willing to make a pact with anyone. If they do, they will just make a joke out of it and betray you. They are never going to listen to anyone's plead."

Linda's mother Floraline told her husband, "we should not have come here in the first place. If we only knew that they're like that, we never would have thought of going here. All we planned were useless."

"Do not worry. Even if the warlocks will try to attack you, just call me and I will help you defend your village." He summoned a little whistle and it suddenly appeared on his hands. "Just blow the whistle whenever you are being attacked by the warlocks and I will be there within a minute. I promise to help you protect the village you live in. Now, go! Escape while you still can. Do not worry anything about me. I will be fine."

The family ran as fast as they could and did not look back at Chester.

After a few moments, a group of warlocks arrived. They saw Chester standing there.

"Your Majesty, did you see some witches pass by here? There were three of them. They escaped from the dungeon. You father ordered us to go after them," one of the warlocks said.
"Even if they happened to pass by this area, do you think they are still alive at this very moment? Wouldn't they be ashes by now? I did not see anyone. Do not look for them anymore. Do not bother to do so. Let them share the misery they found within entering this land. Let them tell their children so that they will find it a great mistake to enter within the Goverva gates walls," Chester ordered.

"But your father ordered us," another warlock said.

"Who are you more afraid of? My father or me? Answer it wrong and you will be in eternal suffering. I will make your body burn as long as you are still alive but you will not die within seventy days. You will beg for the early death but it will not be given to you. You will suffer endlessly for seventy days and die after that. It will be a great way to slow your death down," Chester threatened.

The warlocks ran back to the castle. They were more afraid of Chester. They told the king what Chester did but ignored them because even the king was too afraid to oppose what his son wanted. Whenever Chester or Jasper decides, they will have a third thought of doing so because Chester can simply kill anyone in an instant without any regret or hesitation.

Chester looked at the path where the family ran off. He could no longer see them. He assumed they are already safe because he could have heard anything from them if they weren't. So he headed back to the castle and saw his father with the look of disappointment. His father knew what he did.

"I saw you help those prisoners. I am really disappointed with what you did, my son. I never thought that you could do such thing to your father. You gave me disgrace!" he shouted.

Chester just laughed. "Why would you think that everything others say about me matters? I do what I want. I do not care if it is wrong or right so do not try to talk to me about that because if I lose my temper, you already know the picture. I would never be pretty." He vanished and teleported straight to his room.

"Shall I go talk to him?" Raven asked. She's been standing from a little distance since the two started talking.

The king shook his head. "If you make him angry, you will only lead all warlocks to doom. He kills anyone around him when he is angry. There is no exception."

Raven did not listen to the king and went in front of Chester's room. "Chester, can we talk? You can tell me anything you would like to. I can keep a secret because I have been keeping a very big one ever since your father accepted me."

Chester was on the other side of the door, leaning on it. "I know what your secret is. You are a witch and not a warlock. No one can really hide the truth from me." He opened the door and went out. "You've been hurt by those witches that is why you betrayed them and decided to take the other side instead. We have the same reason why we are both here. I would not call it destiny, though. We make our own destiny."

"I am no longer surprised you know about that. You are the most powerful among all witches and warlocks. I won't expect anything less from you," Raven said.

Chester circled Raven. "Why I am the strongest is a secret I would tell to only a few." He went inside the room and locked himself, leaving Raven curious about who Chester really was.


The next day, Raven followed Chester as he walked around the market. Chester went inside a dark corner.

"Okay, Raven. You can show yourself to me now. I know you've been following me since I left the castle," Chester said.

Raven appeared in front of Chester a few seconds later. "I am sorry. I just want to know who you really are. I am very curious about how you got to be the most powerful being of both worlds. If you want to keep it as a very deep secret, you can tell me about it because I can keep a secret, even the great ones."

"I do not know. There is a doubt about that. I don't know if I could trust you. You are evil after all," Chester pouted.

"Go on. You can have faith in me. I won't tell anyone, I swear," she said.

"Okay. But this is not the safe place to tell any of my secrets. We need to go to another place like a cave." Chester held her hand and teleported them to the cave where he hid the crystal.

"So what is your secret?" Raven asked as soon as they arrived inside.

"The truth is that I am or I was Melvick and Ludricko. That is the reason why I am stronger that any witch and warlock. I've been strengthen by time since I can remember all the things that happened to me in the previous lives," Chester answered.

"How about Velius? You are the renicarnation of him, too? Am I right? That is the reason he made that very dangerous spells inside the spellbook you are hiding inside your room," Raven said.

Chester took a very deep breath. "Yes, I was also Velius and I will appreciate it if you would not tell another people who I am. Of course, if you do, you can already know what I will do to you."

Raven cleared her throat and attempted to say something but she got frightened as she was looking at Chester. She just stared at him and nodded.

Chester left her inside the cave. He knew that she would not try to tell his father about the conversation. He knew she was too afraid to do anything that would not please him. All things around him moved according to what he desired and anyone who would oppose him would find death.

Raven looked around the cave and started walking. As she was walking, she saw the black crystal Chester hid inside the cave. She tried to touch it but there was a forcefield surrounding it.

"Clever. Nothing less could be expected from the Prince Jasper," she whispered with a smile.


Back at Goverva, Chester was sitting by the window with his eyes closed. He's been thinking about what he should do about the crystal that he hid inside the cave where he left Raven.

Suddenly, he remembered Raven. He thought of Raven trying to steal the Black Crystal. But then, he remembered that he put a strong forcefield around the crystal so that nothing or nobody will be able to get the crystal but him alone.

Remembering, he lay himself down his bed and went to sleep.


The following day, Chester looked around the castle for Raven. He did not see her ever since he left her inside the cave. He assumed that she's inside the cave still.

He teleported back to the cave on the spot he left him. When she did not see her there, he walked all over the cave until he found her standing still in front of the spot where he hid the crystal. She's not moving at all. She was covered with ice.

"I knew it. I knew you are going to try to get it. I'm sorry. The crystal is forbidden to all people. No one can touch it but me," Chester said. He touched the ice.

The ice started to melt beginning from her head down to her toes. She grasped her breath and quickly noticed Chester standing beside her. Raven could not say anything. She just looked down with her mouth tightly shut.

"Don't try to steal the crystal ever again. Next time you do, the consequences will be more severe," he reminded him.

Raven nodded.

Chester took her hand and teleported them back to the castle.


The End

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