Eternal Prince of Light and Darkness

A hundred years ago, a man was born to start the witches' kind. After he died as the ancestor of all witches, he reincarnated and started the kind of warlocks who became enemies of witches because of their cruel and despicable deeds. Now, a boy was born between the line of witches and warlocks. He was said to be the most powerful of all, witches and warlocks, and bring peace to the witch world. But can he do that when he is the one expected to take both thrones of both sides? And what secret are his secrets?


 "Have pity on us. We don't want to die. Please, don't kill us." A woman was pleading for their lives.

Houses burning everywhere, people all around in agony. Many people were running and pleading for their lives as the warlocks attack their village.No witches and human were safe.

Chester just stood from a great distance, watching all those people being killed mercilessly by the heartless warlock.

Seeing a scenario he does not want to see, he tried to move his feet. He couldn't. It seemed like his feet were buried that he cannot even make a single step. He wanted to help those people but his feet weren't moving. Why won't they move? What's wrong with those feet of his? Why won't they obey him?

He looked around his room and gazed otside his window. "It's that dream again.It keeps coming back", he whispered to nobody."Thank goodness it's only a dream. I hope it won't come true. But what does that mean? Why is it always coming back? I've been having that dream ever since Marcus found me."


"Wake up, young lad. It's such a wonderful day to go out." A man of forty-six knocked on his door. He heard no response from Chester so he just went inside his room. As he opened it, he saw Chester sitting by the window and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

"Marcus, why can't I remember my life before that day you found me?" Chester's blue eyes sparkled while he was looking outside the window.

"I do not know. I've never known you before that day and I can't say the right answer to that question because I don't know either", Marcus replied.

"I want to know who I really am. I want to know my real identity. I want to know who I was before you found me", Chester said. "I feel so incomplete. There is a very big void inside me."

"You've been having that same dream again, don't you? I can tell by looking into your eyes." Marcus said as he closed the door. "Chester, if you are thinking of going back to that place, I'm not going to allow you. There's nothing left there but ashes and dead people. I already told you that thousands of times. And also, what if what you will find is a truth you will regret to remember."

"What if it's not? I don't want to keep wondering who I really am for the rest of my entire life. I will be carrying that pain even after death", he debated. "I'm willing to take my chances. I know there are risks to be taken but that how life works. We have to take chances to avoid the life of what-if's and maybes. I wouldn't want that kind of life. If you're in my situation, would you not feel the same? Wouldn't you look for your family?"

Marcus didn't know what to say. He became silent. Deep inside, he knew that what Chester wanted to do was the right thing.

Chester looked at Marcus. "May I ask you a favour?"

"Yes, of course", he replied.

"Please teach me magic. I want to learn it", Chester said.

Marcus frowned. "I'm sorry, my child. I'm not the right person to teach you magic. I can only do protection, blessing and healing. Even though I know those, they're too weak to even protect me from others."

"Then teach me those", Chester replied. "I don't care if you think those are weak. I want to learn that not only for myself but for others as well. I want to help other people even the smallest magic I can to protect them from those evil warlocks."

"I'm really sorry. I cannot teach you those", Marcus said. He saw the look of disappointment in Chester's face. "But just because I can't teach you magic doesn't mean I won't let you be taught by another person."

Chester smiled. "Thank you."

"My friend Alderbert is stronger and better than I am. He's also stronger than I am. I'll talk to him to see if he'd like to teach you magic", Marcus said.

Suddenly, they heard a very loud explosion. It was coming from the outside. They rushed outside to see what caused the explosion. They found out they were under attack by the warlocks. All the people of the village were screaming, houses were burning and there were warlocks everywhere. They were creating chaos throughout the village.

Chester was terrified. He's seeing everything he sees every night. All those nightmares, they were right in front of his eyes. He wanted to run and help other villagers but like in his dream, he was not able move his feet. His whole body was somehow paralyzed by the scenario in front of him.

Marcus told Chester, "go hide yourself. Don't come out until it's safe for you to do so."

"It's no use in hiding from them. They will be able to find you. Warlocks are very keen in finding people when those people are afraid because they can easily sense fear. No one is safe from them", he said.

A seventeen-year-old girl riding a horse stopped in front of them. "Look what we have here. There are two more people about to die in this place." She laughed. I'll give you a minute to say your prayers before I'll erase you're existence completely in this world."

Chester looked at the girl very carefully. He examined her face. "You look so familiar. Have we met somewhere before?"

"I don't think so. If we met before, you would be dead by now", she replied. Flames went out her right hand and made a ball of flames. She threw the ball of flames straight at Chester.

Before the flames can reach Chester, Marcus blocked it. But it was too strong for Marcus to prevent so he was the one who got hit by the flames and was thrown into the wall. He fell on the floor unconscious.

"You know what? You're cute. Unfortunately, I have to kill you", she said. She prepared another ball of flames. "This time, I won't miss."

"Why are you doing these to us? Don't you have a heart? You should stop this. There's nothing you can get from our suffering", he shouted. He ran for Marcus but the girl ran after himaa and blocked his way.

"Because we love doing these things. The people's agony gives us happiness", she answered.

Something about the girl's answer sounded familiar to Chester. "I think I've heard those words before, I just can't remember when."

The girl looked behind her to see Marcus and went straight for him. She asked him in a very rough manner, "where is the black crystal? Where are you hiding it?"

"I'll never give it to a warlock like you. I'd rather swim in my own blood than to give that to your filthy hands", he answered. "You and your people have done nothing good. You only seek for power and more power. You shall die with nothing good received. I won't allow you to get the black crystal. Melvick created it to help make a better world and not to make a worst one."

She felt insulted. Because of so much anger, she pulled out a dagger from her back, grabbed Chester and pointed the knife at his neck. "Tell me or I shall kill this boy! I'll do whatever it takes to get that crystal!"

"You are a fool! You drag him who has nothing to do with the crystal just to get what you want", he said. "Let the boy go. This fight is between us and us alone!"

She let go of Chester and stared at Marcus. She uttered, "viste sudera miyo."

Marcus felt his body immediately burning. He was twisting and turning. He found it hard to breathe.

Fury over came Chester. "Stop it! Leave us alone, Raven! Reverse the spell on Marcus", Chester shouted. "Shelva extu mipto!"

All things around them floated. The sky darkened as black clouds cover it. Lightnings flashed and thunder roared. A very strong wind blew. Heavy rain started to fall.

As those things happen, the girl looked outside and saw her people being struck by lightning one by one. She became alarmed. She whispered to herself, "who is this boy? Why is he very strong? It's impossible! I haven't seen a power so strong since I last saw Jasper." The thought of the boy's possibility of being their missing prince came to her. She couldn't really tell if her theory is correct since she knows that Jasper, their missing prince, can change appearance every single time that pleases him. She looked back at Chester. "Tell me, who are you? Where are you from?"

"I'm Chester. I can't tell you where I am from because I don't know where I'm really from, either. Marcus just found me six years ago in the village of Velvora", he answered. "Leave now or I'll destroy your kind!"

"That's the place where we last saw Prince Jasper. That date is also when we last saw him", she whispered to herself. "Could he really be our missing prince?" She smiled at him. "We'll meet again so be prepared." She vanished through thin air.

Chester ran straight to Marcus. He was panicking. He didn't know what to do.

Marcus put his right hand on Chester's shoulder. "Do not worry about me. It's up to you now. Guard the black crystal with all the strength you have. Never let anyone else get it. That's the only wish I want you to grant me."

"Don't leave me, Marcus. I'm not strong enough to guard that crystal. I need you", he said.

"I have my whole faith in you. I know that you will guard it well." Just after these words, Marcus died.

Eric cried. He held Marcus' dead body and said, "farewell. Thank you for all you've done for me. I'll forever carry your memories with me."



In the kingdom of Goverva, the land of warlocks, the girl who attacked Chester went inside the castle. She was welcomed by the king.

"How's your search for the black crystal, Lady Raven? Did you have any luck finding it? Tell me", the knig said. He looked at the girl expectantly.

The girl couldn't look at the king in the eye. "We found The Crystal Keeper but he didn't tell me about the place where he's hiding it. I just killed the old man without getting any closer to the crystal." She took a very deep breath. "But the good news is that I just found a boy that might possibly be our missing prince. He's as old and as powerful as Prince Jasper. He's the reason I wasn't able to get the crystal."

"Is that for real? Take me there then", the king said.

"I have another idea", she replied. "Why don't we just summon him? That would save us some time."

"Well, then. Summon him now", he ordered.

She closed her eyes and chanted, "veshtra unde feo."

A very strong wind blew, circling the two of them. Light appeared in front of them. And when the light faded and the strong wind was gone, Chester was in front of them.

Chester looked around and saw Raven and the king. "Where am I? What do you want from me? If you're thinking that I'm going to give up the black crystal to you, think again. I'm not going to let warlocks have that very powerful item." He stared at the two with a very sharp look.

"We're not here to get the crystal from you. At least, not now", the king said. "We summoned you here because we'd like to know if you really are my missing son." He circled Chester. "So, is it true that old man found you in the village of Velvora six years ago?"

"Yes. I was found there unconscious by Marcus. I had no memory of my past. I cannot remember anything", he answered. He looked at the king very carefully. "You look so familiar. Have we met somewhere? The two of you really looked very familiar to me."

"Maybe", Raven answered. "Do we really look so familiar to you? Because there is a very great possibility that you are our missing prince? You were found the same time we lost him. You were also found in the place where we last saw him. And according to what I observed, I've witnessed your very strong power that can be compared to the power of Prince Jasper." She walked straight to Chester. "I have a feeling that we are the family you are looking for."

"You? My family? I think you've mistaken me for someone else. I'm nothing like you. I'm not a filthy being like you", Chester said.

"Well, then I think I must destroy you", she replied as she prepared a ball of flame on her hand. She was about to throw it at Chester when the king held her hand to stop her from throwing the ball of flame at Chester.

The king whispered to her, "if you'll destroy him now, we will not be able to prove that he is the prince we are looking for."

"Forgive me, Sire. But this will test if he really is Prince Jasper. Jasper is very strong. He'll never be defeated even with only a very small amount of his power", she said to the king. Then she looked back at Chester, "if you really are Jasper, you'll be able to defeat me effortlessly." She again faced the king. "If he is Prince Jasper, his power will come out when he becomes angry and won't be able to control it. He will be able to show his power even without noticing it."

The king let go of her hand. "No! I have another idea. Imprison him inside the Jasper's room. He's feeling familiar with our faces. I think he will also feel familiarity with the room. That might bring his memory back."

Raven thought it might be effective so she sent Chester to Jasper's room and locked him inside.

Inside the room, Chester was banging the door, trying to open it and escape because the room did not have a single window. He turned around to look for something that might be able to help him escape. When he turned around, he felt a sudden chill. He felt he've been inside that place before. He felt nostalgic. He looked up and down the room. In an instance, memories started to fill his mind. They were flooding his whole thoughts. Flashes of past memories were what he started to see inside his head. He didn't want to accept it. He refused to do so.

He fell on his knees on the a carpet near a bed. He lay himself down, unaware he was saying, "vira usre meiodre". After saying those words, he fell asleep.

As he sleeps, he was seeing a village from a distance. It was on fire just like in his usual dream. Many people mourned as they lose their source of living, their properties, their home. He was terrified with what he was seeing though he sees the same scenario everytime he sleeps, only this time, no warlocks were there. He wanted to help. But just like before, he could not.

He suddenly woke up. He found Raven beside him. She was smiling at him.

"So? Do you remember who you are now?" she asked.

Chester tried to grasp some air. He looked at her sharply. "I'm not you prince! You're wrong about me! I'm not Prince Jasper!" The memories were flooding his mind again. Flashes of the events that Prince Jasper made were filling his mind again. "No! I'm not him!"

The door suddenly slammed open, the king entered the room. "Raven, let this poor young lad go."

"But, Sire", Raven tried to object but the king gave her a very angry look.

"Okay, Sire. If that is what you wish." She sent Chester back to Marcus' house.

When Chester was gone, she asked the king, "why did you let him go? Don't you want him on our side?"

"I do want him on our side, Lady Raven. But forcing him to remember will only urge him to resist the temptation of going back to us", the king answered. "If we force him to stay here, his want to destroy us will just get stronger. But if we let him go and let him taste the suffering the other side will serve him, he'll come crawling back to our side."

"You are right, Sire. We should just let him come back to us on his own." She bowed down to him and vanished.


Chester wandered around the house looking for the black crystal the warlocks were looking for. He searched everywhere in the house, especially inside Marcus' room. He examined the walls and floors to see if there is a secret passage leading somewhere near the crystal or a hidden vault that hides the crystal. He didn't find anything. He sat on a chair in the kitchen and fend himself a glass of water.

"I give up. I can't find that crystal anywhere. Where did Marcus hide it? Why didn't he tell me any clue to where he hid it before he died? Maybe he did not hide it here in the house. Maybe he hid it somewhere else", he said, talking to himself.

Chester went outside. When he turned to see the village, he could not believe what he just saw. He was looking at a village of ashes. People were mourning for the loss of their loved ones who weren't able to survive the flames.

He approached one of the villagers to ask questions. "What happened here? Did the warlocks attacked you a while ago?"

"No warlocks attacked us but a flame spread all over the town, burning all the houses", ann old man answered. "We tried every spell we know to kill the fire but we can't put it out. We think it's the work of the prince of warlocks. Only he has the power so strong to prevent all our powers combined."

Chester walked away and went back inside the house. He thought of the dream he saw when he was sleeping inside the room of Prince Jasper. "Could it be that I was seeing what was happening while I was sleeping? Was it a coincidence?"

He heard a voice behind him. "It wasn't just a regular dream. It was just like what you use to do when we were little."

Chester turned around and saw Raven leaning on the wall of the house. "What are you doing here?"

Raven ignored Chester's question and said, "you saw the village in it's actual state while you were sleeping. But before you fell asleep, you cast a spell that will put the village on fire. Don't you remember you did that?"

Chester shook his head. "I didn't cast a single spell."

"That means you're not aware of it. You used to cast that everytime you're about to go to sleep", Raven said. "Don't fight it anymore. You are Prince Jasper and you know that now. I can feel that your memories are coming back to you now. Don't make it more complicated for you. Accept the fact that you are him. All the evidence are in front of us."

Chester fell on her knees. He could not believe it. His real identity is the one that he never wanted to be. He didn't want to accept that he's one of the things he hated most. He cried and cried.

Raven hugged him. "Come back home with us now. We need you." She stretched out her hand to him. "Let's go."

He took her hand. "I'll go with you. There nothing I can do. It's who I am and always will be."

They returned to Goverva. Memories flooded Chester's head again. He didn't want to accept what he was seeing in his mind but he had no choice. Those memories, they're part of him so he had to accept it.

When they entered the castle door, they were welcomed by the king. "I knew you'll be back." He gave Chester a hug. "It'll be your birthday next week. We should start preparing. That day will be the day that i'll pass you the throne. Soon, you will be the king of these men", the king said, pointing his finger outside the window near them.

"I'm not going to take the throne. I don't want it", Chester answered. "I'll accept the fact that I am your Prince Jasper, but I won't accept the throne. I do not wish to lead those kind of people. I may be evil in the past, but I have no intention of repeating the past. Losing my memories, I change my mind about what I want to do with my life." He ran away from them and went straight to his room. He locked the door and shouted, "don't come inside! Leave me alone." He lay on the carpet where he used to fall asleep moments ago.


The next day, Chester went outside the castle to wander around. And as he passed by the corner of the market, he saw a young girl being bullied by three boys. They were making fun of her, pushing her around.

"Please. Stop. Leave me alone!" the girl cried.

But the boys didn't pay attention to what the girl was saying and continued to push her around.

Chester felt pity and threw a rock at one of the boys. "Stop those nonsense right now! Leave that girl alone!"

The boy that was hit by the rock faced him and said, "this girl is a witch. She is trespassing! It's only normal for us to push him around. This is our territory. That means we can do everything we want." He examined Chester from head to toe. "Who are you anyway? Are you a witch or a warlock like us? If you are a warlock, why are you helping this witch?"

"You have no business knowing who I am. Just leave that girl alone and I will let you live", Chester said as he walked closer to them. His blue eyes became the color of crimson red.

One boy threw a fireball at him but missed. The other one threw another fireball but Chester got it, held it in his hand, divided it into three and threw them back to the boys. Each boy got hit by the flames.

The boys burst into flames after a few moments and it didn't take them long before they were ashes. Their ashes were blown away by the wind.

The girl looked frightened by what she witnessed. Though she knew that she's safe, she doubted if she she really was. She looked at Chester in the eye.

Chester eyes turned back to the color of blue. He offered his hand. "Don't worry. You are safe now. They won't bother you or anyone else anymore. And I won't hurt you."

The girl gave her hand to Chester and smiled. "Thank you for saving me. You are a warlock but you saved me. Why did you do that? Do need anything from me? What is your intention?"

"I don't want anything from you. I did not like what they were doing. I have no intention of getting anything from you. I didn't like that I am a warlock but I have no choice. I have to accept who I really am", Chester answered. "By the way, I'm Chester."

"I'm Floraline", she said. "I better be off now. My aunt will be angry at me if I'm not there when she gets back."

"Okay. Maybe we'll meet some other time", he replied.

Floraline smiled at him again. "Thank you again for saving me. I could be dead by now if it wasn't because of you."

They bade goodbye to each other.


Chester headed back to the castle where the king and Raven were waititng for him inside the hall. They didn't look like they were happy.

"Chester, my son, we heard what you have done outside a while ago. You helped that witch! You should have let those warlocks do what they want with her", the king scolded. "You are the next king of these people! Why are you turning your back on them?!"

"Don't tell me what to do! That is what I wanted!" Chester shouted. His eyes turned red again like when he helped Floraline. "Never order me around or I will not have a second thought of killing you. It would be as easy as burning a piece of paper."

Raven and the king looked terrified and didn't want to say anything to Chester. They just looked at him with their mouths tightly closed.

Chester left them in the hall and went straight to his room to lock himself.

When Chester was gone, Raven said, "I think His Majesty is beginning to return to his former self. Those eyes only become red when he is really angry."

Inside his room, Chester was beginning to feel that he is turning back to the way he used to be Jasper, Prince of all Warlocks and Most Cruel Being. "I'm not going to be Chester again. I don't want to be him again. I no longer have any intention of leading those warlocks. Never will I agree to take the throne!" he said.

He sat on his bed. He's thinking about how he can prevent turning back to the way he was. He didn't want to be Jasper again.

All the sudden, a book appeared on the drawer beside his bed. It looked very old. He picked it up and looked at it. Its language was nothing he cannot remember seeing before. But what's odd was that he can understand the writings even though he cannot remember learning it.

He read the content. Shocked was when he found out what the book was containing. It contained all his past lives. Everything were coming back to him. Slowly, he's starting to completely who he was and why he's there. He closed his eyes, letting it all in.

When he opened his eyes, he knew every single thing about him. He hurried back to his father and said, "I'll take the throne only if you are dead. I don't want you intervening every plan I have."

His father notice that his blonde hair turned back to the way he remembered when Chester was a child. It's the color was black. Then he also notice that Chester's eyes' color was as red as blood. The king jumped out of joy and hugged his son. "You're back to the way you were! I'm so happy." He suddenly let go of him because he felt his body burning.

Raven appeared beside them. "I knew you'll be back to your old self, Jasper." She was smiling.

"It's still Chester", he said. "And I don't want to be king on my birthday. I don't want anyone rushing me to do something I do not want to. Every person who did that met their end in a snap of a finger. There are no exceptions; not even friends and relatives. I think you know that quite well." Then he vanished in a blink of an eye.


Chester went back to Marcus' house and went to his former room. He blew of his cabinet beside the window and found a portal leading somewhere. He entered the portal and found himself inside an awfully dark cave. Looking ahead of him, he saw a very large and odd-looking stone lying in front of him just two and a half meters away.

He walked towards it and chanted, "vovei ulna nemiate fendu shim lesfi rarte feyta justra." The large stone cracked and a black crystal revealed itself as it float above the cracked stone.

"So you found it", a voice said. It's Raven's. "Bring the crystal back to the castle. Your father will surely be very proud of you when he hears about this."

Chester looked at her sharply. "I'm not going to give back the crystal to you. I'll be protecting it. I promised Marcus that I will guard it with my whole life and not allow a single warlock dare touch it."

"But you are a warlock, have you forgotten? You are one of us", she laughed. "And you are not just any warlock but the Prince of Warlocks."

"But I am not all warlock. I'm only a half-blood", he replied. "My mother is a witch. The queen of all Witches, to be precise of who and what she is. That means that witches and humans are also my reponsibility to protect."

"Your father will be very angry when he finds out about this", she said.

"Let him be. His opinion never mattered to me, anyway. You know that very well, don't you? I am stronger than my father. Therefore, he has no control over me. I make my own decisions without him. He's worth nothing to me at all!" Grabbing the crystal, he sent Raven back to the castle even before she was able to say anything to him.

Chester teleported out of the cave and into the dark forest. He walked deeper and deeper into the forest until he found the dead lake in the middle of the forest. He let go of the crytal. It floated away from him until it's in the middle of the lake. Then it dropped and sank down.

"Rasfe deutra hashe mentre valuscalta mistrodei", he chanted. Then he whispered to himself, "it's safe now. No other being will be able to get the crystal, but I. It's better left forgotten by all. It created monsters. All who attained the crystal became monsters because of its incredible power. I no longer want that to happen."

He turned his eyes back into blue and his hair into blonde and walked out of the dark forest and went to Saldecca to talk to the queen.

He knew that the guards won't allow him to enter the palace without any permission, so he teleported to where the queen was.

The queen was frightened when Chester appeared in front of her.

"How did you manage to get yourself inside when this whole palace is protected by a strong magic that won't even allow people to teleport in and out this place without getting hurt?" asked the quuen.

"I've got no time to talk about it, Your Majesty. I would like to inform you that Marcus, the Keeper of the Black Crystal, is dead. Raven killed him yesterday", he replied. "I will be the new Keeper from now on. And do not worry. I don't need the crystal."

"You are a warlock, are you not? How can I trust you with something so powerful that it can destroy everything? I don't know if you should be the one to be trusted with such thing", the queen hesitated.

"I'm not just a warlock, but I am also a witch. My mother was your late sister, Queen Lina. This kingdom is also my responsibility to protect", he answered.

The queen circled him. "You mean to say that you are my nephew?"

"Yes, Your Majesty", he said. "I think you know now what I really am, Your Majesty."

"Of course, I know now who you really are. You are prince of both sides", she replied. "Do you wish to take this throne away from me now? I would not stop you at all. You are the rightful heir to the throne. This is your kingdom. But if you are going to do so, please take good care of your people just like what your mother did. I know you are not as evil as the filthy warlocks that your father and his people are. I know that you have a very kind heart."

"You can keep it for now. I have no interest ruling as of the moment. I know well enough that no witch will bother listening to king who is half their enemy." Chester turned his back on the queen, headed for the door and left.

When Chester was gone, she whispered, "please do not take the throne of your father. You know better than to lead those warlocks. This is all Ludricko's fault. He's the one who started the warlock race. If it's not because of him, this world would be free from those evil creatures."


Unknown to the queen, Chester was listening to what she was saying. Though he was already in his room in Goverva, he was watching her using the water in the bowl. He can see everything that was happening to her.

"If only you know who I really am, you will be asking that question to me directly," he said.

All the sudden, Raven appeared behind him. "What are you looking at? Why are you holding that bowl and staring at it the same time?"

Chester stopped looking at the queen and put the bowl down the table near his bed. "It's nothing that is within your concern. I'm just looking at someone I know."

Raven became suspicious. "Is there something you are not telling me?"

Chester didn't know what to answer to her so he just sent him out of the room. "I really need to cast a spell to prevent everyone from coming inside this room without my permission. I'm tired of anybody going inside my room when I do not want them. I want my privacy."

He went out the room and went to the hall.

When he entered the hall, he saw his father looking furious.

"Why did you not bring back the black crystal back to this castle? I'm really disappointed in you," the king said. "You are to be the king of this land, and yet you wouldn't do anything to help our people. It's devastating."

Chester did not look at him but answered, "don't dictate to me all you want me to do because I know you know so well I don't care. I'm going to do what I want to and there is nothing you can do to intervene with my plans. You have no control over me."

The king could not think of anything to say. He knew so well that Chester's a lot stronger than he was. One wrong word, one word only, and he could find himself burning because of Chester's anger. He let Chester walk out.



Chester went to the market to wander around. He felt that his head pounding. He felt that he relly was returning to his old self, Prince Jasper.

As he was walking, he was blocked by a group of three men in a small pathway where no one else were there.

"If you want a fight, you just picked the wrong time to do so. I'm not really in the mood to be involve in a fight right now. Just leave me alone," Chester said.

A man with a bald head and an inch taller than Chester walked closer to him. "Give us your money and we shall spare your life."

"I am so sorry. I do not have a single silver coin to give you," Chester answered. "You just better go and look for another victim. You won't be able to get anything good from me right now."

"We don't take that answer. If you have money, give it to us and you can go. If you don't, death is what we'll guarantee you," another one of the men laughed.

They pulled out knives from their pockets and circled Chester.

"You all are fools to think you can kill me. Try what you want. It won't work. That's what I guarantee you," Chester said. "I don't really want to do this but it seems I have no choice in this situation." He prepared a ball of fire in his left hand. "I don't want to kill." He threw the ball of fire and it hit the person in front of him. "But I guess I could make an exception." As he watched the man in front of him burn, he walked straight to the other two. "You should know who you are planning to hurt because it might be you who are going to end up hurt, or could be worse, dead."

The two men tried to run because of their fear but Chester caught up with them. "No one among you are leaving alive." Chester's hair was turning black again and his eyes were like the color of blood.

They begged him not to kill them. They kept repeating how sorry they were.

"Then I'm also sorry. I'm not good in forgiving anybody. They hurt me, they die. That's my rule," he answered them. He silently uttered something as he was looking at both of them.

After a minute, they found themselves burning in front of him and he just stood there watching them being devoured by flames. The two ran to the nearest pond to try to kill the fire but the water was not able to do so. Tha power used to make the flame was too strong that not even the water can put it out. Before they were able to get out of the pond, they suddenly dissolve into ashes and their ashes were blown away by the strong wind.

"I didn't want it, but you forced me to do so. I had no choice." He started walking out of the place. "If I let you kill me, Chester will die and so will the chance of the witches to defeat all warlocks. I would not sacrifice Chester just to save people such as you. There are more people that are worth saving more than you."

He heard someone clapping behind him. He turned around and saw Raven just a meter and a half from where he was standing. "Why are you following me? Did my father asked you to?"

"No. I want to see how you handle your situation right now. You are clearly struggling to maintain Chester though deep down Jasper is urging to come out. It's only a matter a time until you give in and be Jasper," she said.

"I'm not going to go and bring Jasper back. I'll restrain myself. I'll not allow myself to be swallowed by the darkness inside of me," he answered. "I created the witches and so I have an obligation to protect them."

"We will see about that. I'll be watching your every move until you finally give in to your darkest side." She disappeared suddenly after speaking.

He faced the path he was going again and walked out of the way. "I'm not going back and be Jasper again, inflicting misery to those people who are helpless. I'll always be Chester from now on and never again give sufferings to those who don't deserve them."


He went to the his aunt, the current queen of witches, and asked if she knows where's the spellbook that Velius once wrote.

"I do not know. Velius has been long dead and he said nothing about a spellbook he was writing. We tried to enter the room where he used to dwell in this palace, no person was able to enter, not even teleportation can be used to enter it," the queen replied. "I think that whatever you are looking for, it's still there."

Suddenly, he remembered that he made a spell to lock the room so that no one but he could enter the room without a permission. He did not remove the spell before he died. The spellbook might still be there.

He ran upstairs until he reached the East Wing of the palace. He tried to open the door and teleport to get inside, but he failed. It occurred to him that he is no longer Velius. That means he's not permitted to go inside since he's Chester that time and not Velius.

Chester found a way to get inside. He might no longer be Velius but he's stronger than Velius. He can break the spell to remove it or just to siply allow himself alone to enter his room a lifetime ago.

"Thiezre unwa vija hesra," he uttered. Then he tried to teleport inside and it worked. Chester looked around and saw the room very dirty since it's been more than eighteen years since it was cleaned.

He opened the door and saw the queen right in front of the room. She looked very surprised. "How did you get inside?" she asked.

"I know how to break the spell Velius did with this room. But I would not break it. I will just make myself an exception to the spell. I would not want other messing Velius' things. I would rather leave these as they are," Chester answered. "These are things better left untouched by all. There are things in here that can bring great chaos to all worlds."

"How could you say that if you have not been here before all you life? Velius is just a very wise old witch in his time. I do not think there is anything in that room that can cause a great chaos to all world. I don't think he's powerful enough to make such things as well," the queen said.

"You are wrong, Your Highness. That's only what he wanted all of you to think. He did not like to tell all people that he's really powerful, as powerful as I am, to be exact. He made you believe that he is just a normal witch, but he's not." He pushed a drawer aside.

"What is that?" The queen became curious when she saw some kind of a black hole on the floor where the drawer was.

"It's where Velius kept everything valuable and dangerous that he made all his life. Only he can make this appear," Chester answered her.

The queen looked so terrified. "Who are you? Are you Velius? Tell me the truth."

"Well, I was Velius. But Velius is dead. I'm Chester now," he said. "I can remember all things he did though. All of his memories are all inside my mind. They are part of my memories as well."

"Why didn't you tell me you were Velius?" she asked.

"If I have told you before, you would not believe me. I know you will only laugh at me when I told you that. And also, I did not want anyone to know that I was him so no one will ask me to look for the spellbook I made. All warlocks know about that. And that is why I kept it secret," he answered. He faced the black hole and uttered, "ventrea harshe vishuisa."

A small book appeared floating above the black hole. It looked very old but was still in good condition. It didn't look touch at all.

"This is one of the things that can cause destruction to all world, both warlocks' and witches'. That is why I do not want anyone touch any of my things. If there 's someone who is able to translate everything I have written, he could be steps ahead of any warlocks and witches. He will be almost as strong as I am. But he can never defeat me, of course. I am the beginning of the warlocks' and witches' line. No one can defeat me." He stared at the queen. "But even if, I don't want chaos in this world if I am not the one causing it."

"Why don't you let the witches have all the power to elliminate all warlocks in both worlds? That way, there will no longer be any chaos in this world," the queen said.

He reached the book floating in midair. "I will be the one to decide what should happen to both worlds. Whoever stands in my way will suffer the grave consequences."

"Wait a minute. You said a while ago that you started the line of witches and the line of warlocks. Does that mean that you were also Melvick and Ludricko?" she wondered.

"Yes, I was Melvick. The one who started all these," Chester replied.

The queen's eyes widened. "You were both of those people?"

He nodded. "I made my own enemies. That is the reason I don't want anyone interrupting me with anything. I started those warlocks, I will be the one ending them." Chester closed his eyes, and with only a blink of an eye, the queen could not see him anywhere in the room or even near her. He disappeared.


Chester went back to the land of warlocks. He stormed in his room. Raven followed him when she saw him passing by.

"What are you holding? Can I see it?" She was staring at the old book Chester had in his left hand. "Is that a spellbook by The Great Velius?" She stopped opening her mouth when she saw his face. He did not look like he was in the mood of sharing whatever he's holding.

Chester uttered a spell silently and Raven was thrown out of the room immediately. "No one is allowed to enter my room anymore without my permission. Those who will try to go in will not be able to come in alive. They could die trying to do what they can never do."

"I'll tell your father about this. He won't be happy when he hears what you are doing right now. He'll be furious," she said.

Chester laughed hard. "You are foolish! Didn't you see what happened before? He could not even touch a single strand of hair of mine if I don't want him to because he knows that I could kill him anytime I want if he ever make me angry. I think you know that could also be applied to you."

Raven bit her tongue. She could not say anything to him anymore. She started to become aware of what Chester could really do to her. She forgot he's very powerful, and evil as well. One more wrong word and she might find herself burning in front of him. She did not want herself to experience what had happened to the other warlocks when Chester got angry once.

She just stood there frozen looking at him with fright as Chester sharply looks at her.

"If you have nothing more to say to me, you better get out of my sight now. I'm not in the mood for any games, Lady R aven. I wouldn't tell you what I was holding bacause I don't want anyone of you messing with my things. From now on, no one is allowed to enter this room unless I permit her or him to do so. When I allow the person to go inside the room, the permission will dissolve by the time she or he comes out of the door or window.

Raven walked out of his sight. She doesn't want Chester to hurt her. She has no chance of winning in a fight with him. If she stayed there, who knows what could happen to him? He could kill him slowly or quickly. Chester could sometimes be very unpredictable.


Alone at last, Chester shut the door. He placed the book inside a drawer and laid himself on his bed. He uttered silently a spell and sparks appeared above him like stars in the sky. A minute later, they all started to fade away.

"I cannot believe I caused my own problems," he sighed. "If only I knew the truth before, this would never have happened."

He looked out the window. He could see the gray sky in their land. There was no sun could be seen in the sky. All are surrounded by dark clouds. Looking further, he could tell that a village is on fire because of the warlocks.



The following day, Chester seemed restless. He wasn't able to sleep because of planning about the things he must be doing. He could not get his mind off the task of killing all the other warlocks.

When he opened the door to get out of the room, he saw maid named Jamie standing in front by the door. She was holding a tray of food.

"I've come to give this food to you, Your Majesty. I planned to leave this on the floor since I could not enter the room because of the spell you made. But since you are here, I'll give this to you now." She handed the tray of food to Chester, bowed and started walking away from him.

"Wait, Jamie. I've never asked you this before. You are not a warlock, right? You are a witch and once a servant of my mother." Chester said. "Well, servant is not just the only term. You are also a friend of my mother. Am I right?"

She stopped and looked back at him. "Yes, Your Majesty. All you have said are correct. Why are you asking those kind of questions to me?"

"Why are you still serving me? My mother is no longer here so you can go now," he replied.

Jamie fell on her knees and cried. "I wish I could have even a day away from this world but I am not capable. Your father made me into a forever slave in service to you for eternity. I cannot oppose him with what he wants. He's going to kill me if I do. I'm weak and defenseless. I don't stand a single strand of chance againsts him."

"Then I'm letting go of you. You can leave this place now," he answered. "My father cannot oppose my decision. He's no chance againsts me. You are free and no longer a slave from now on. You can do whatever you would like to with your life."

She started to smile. "Thank you for your kindness that I merely expected from you to be honest, Your Majesty. But I do not want to leave you. I promised your mother that I will look after you after she died. Though your father is a cruel king, I saw a very little hope in you that you will rule like the way your mother did."

Chester frowned at what she said. "I cannot promise I would be like my mother. I could be like my father, or even worse. Although I am a son of a person with a pure heart, I am also a son of a very evil person. That means that I have the possibility of being either good or evil. Right now, I can tell the evil side of me is winning."

"If that is so, Your Majesty, then you should have not set me free. You should have just let me be your slave forever if you will just rule all the people just like your father. I would rather kill myself if I'll never see you be the king the way your mother became queen to all witches," she uttered.

"I'm so confused right now," Chester cried. "I do not know what to do. Both worlds are depending on me. I made all of them. I started them. It hurts me to think that I have to end either of the two worlds. I don't want this, but I really have to choose which of them I will spare.

"I have the blood of an evil being in my veins. I cannot help but spill blood whenever I get angry. I cannot control myself. That is the way I am. I am very sorry that I cannot proomise you the kind of kingdom you had when my mother was the queen. I will just leave the throne to my aunt and let her pass it on to her bloodline. There is nothing in this world that can convince all the witches that I am fitted to be their king."

She walked towards him. "There is no need for a proof. You are the son of the late queen and the rightful heir to the throne of the witches' kingdom. I'm sure the current queen will agree with me with that. She will be willing to give it to you even if you would not ask for it because she have faith that you can lead the people better than anyone else that ever existed. You are the most powerful warlock and sorcerer that ever lived. If you will be the king of witches, no one will be able to defy you and peace can be maintained because no warlocks will ever dare to be too foolish to stand againsts you."

"That's what I am afraid of." He took a deep breath. "I will be so invincible that no one will stand up to tell me his or her opinion because they will be too afraid I might not like it, get angry and kill them for a very minor reason. I will be a pure dictator. All the people will only follow my orders alone. Do you see what kind of kingdom will be of the people when I am to rule over them?"

Jamie smiled at him. "Either ways, you will still end up having the crown and throne." She touched the back of Chester to try to comfort him. "You said yourself that you cannot be defeated. That means all people, witches and warlocks, will still bow to you. Even if the current queen will pass the throne to her line, they will still be too afraid of you that you can order them like puppets. Rule us or not, there will be no difference since you are the most superior. The people will have no choice but to obey you and not their knig because of fear. If you are going to be the king of the witches, you will do the greatest things that ever existed and done in both worlds."

"I've already made things that are far greater than anyone who ever existed and will ever exist. I am the reason there are such people as witches and warlocks. I am the beginning of them. All these would never have existed and will never do if it wasn't because of me," Chester replied. "I was Melvick, the first witch. And I was also Ludricko, the very first warlock."

Jamie's eyes widened with great fear. Her master was the beginning of both sides? That's unbelievable. "I don't believe you. It would be impossible."

"You don't believe me?" He took a deep breath. "I really was Melvick and Ludricko. That's the reason I am the stronger than any witch or warlock in both worlds." He smiled at her. "I know all spell because I made them. There are spell that are already forgotten because as generations pass by they are becoming harder and harder to do. The later generations can no longer do some spell that their ancestors found not so hard to do."

Jamie saw how serious Chester was. "You are serious."

"I want you to keep that as a secret. No other people must know that the one who started their kind is still existing. I don't want them to be very dependent on me just because I was the beginning of them," he said.

She replied, "do not worry, My Lord. Your secret is very safe with me. It's a secret I would keep until I die. And I also want to say, thank you very much because if it was not for you, I would not have existed. All the things that happened, both good and bad, is caused by your existence. All things happen because of a single move."

"I know that." He smiled at her again and closed his room's door.

Morning came and he was planning on visiting his aunt but his father got in his way by the time he was halfway out the door.

"I know what you are planning to do. You are going to your aunt, right?" the king shouted at him. "You think you can just do everything that pleases you, but you are wrong. There are still rules that are needed to be followed. As long as I am still the king, you will do as I say, like it or not. This is my kingdom, so you need to abide by my rules!"

Chester laughed hard. "What if I won't? What are you going to do? Kill me? That would be an impossible thing. You cannot even lay a single finger on me. No one can, to be realistic. I am stronger than all of you combined. Just accept that bitter fact that I can do all the things I would want and all things work according to my plans."

The king could not move. It was is if he's been frozen and his feet was swallowed by the ground he was stepping on. Neither can he utter a word. He forgot he is far more powerful than he could ever be. He could not breathe.

"If you are not going to say anything anymore, I will leave now," he said as he paced out, slamming the door.

The king called for three men to follow Chester and see all the things he will be doing until he gets back. He's supecting Chester to be doing something that's in his nature as a witch.

Unfortunate for him, Chester found out what he's about to do and the three men started to burn like woods. One by ine, the men fell on the floor, completely burnt that no one could even tell who is who. The king was terrified by what he saw and thought he would be next.

"Do not worry, my father. I will spare your life for now. You have to be very careful with what you are going to say to me because next time, I might not be considerate, or at least in the mood of consideration, that you will share the same fate as your men that I just killed." There was a cruel smile on his face. The joy of killing could be seen in his whole face. There was no doubt that Chester again became Jasper, The Prince of Warlocks. "Now, if you have nothing more to say to me, I will continue with where I was going."

The king asked, "there is something I would like to ask you. If you are going to kill me, would you be the next king? Are you going to accept the throne?"

Jasper just laughed and then left without giving any answer. His laugh wasn't even a hint.


The End

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