The EndMature

Eternal gasps in relief as she gets out and collapses in a heap. The transition back is hurting more than the first one. Falcon's arms are then around her lifting her up and Eternal relises then she passed out.

"I'm okay" She mumbles trying to get to her feet.

"No you're not" Falcon snaps. "You just blacked out.... your head is healing but you lost a bit of blood"

Eternal moans but lets herself get carried over to where Peg shifts. Falcon puts Eternal on the pegasus first then climbs on himself. Life with Lopez gets on Drake's Dragon form.

"Lets go" Falcon says patting the pegasus's neck. Peg neighs then jumps into the air. The ride is long and Eternal constantly passes out but then the air changes and the pegasus lands.

Eternal opens her eyes to see a cave which Life, Drake and Lopez are already heading for. Then Eternal see's them.

"My children" She gasps. She leaps off the pegasus and runs up to embrace them storngly finding tears slide down her cheek. "Oh my babies"

"Mummy!" Rose crys hugging her tightly. Alaric on the other hand while obviously happy is trying to remain strong.

Falcon then walks up and embraces his family. The war may not be over yet, Eternal thinks, but at least I am no longer a weapon.


The End

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