Back in BuisnessMature

Eternal sat quietly in the window. Falcon had changed she could feel it but something in her soul was twisting painfully. She was almost untouchable.

Then it happened she felt the stone. It was close enough to the main part of the Heal Cave that she found herself in slight pain. That she found out...... she could follow it.

She rubbed her hands together building energy and then.... Bang! She went directly to the spot Falcon was. Everyone turned at her arrival as she stumble and fell to her knees breathing heavily.

Falcon ran over to her but she held a hand up shaking her head. "If you touch me you die" Eternal whispers quietly. "Put the stone in the pool quick. Not only will it heal me to partly mortal.... it will destroy it"

Falcon nods he turns to get the stone from Drake then.. "Well, Well, Well..... Seems The Eternal is becoming a true god"

Eternal gets to her feet spinning to face the devil. "Leave" She hisses quietly. "You know I can easily kill you in this state"

The Devil laughs then smiles creepily. "But can you.... a lot has changed Eternal" He says. But those words gave Eternal the amount of time she needed to summon a light blade step up to the devil grab hold of him a pierce him directly through the heart.

"You won't die" Eternal hisses. "That would cause an out balance but I surggest you get out... Now!"

The Devil growls angrily but fades into dark smoke. Falcon then quickly grabs the stone from Drake and throws it. As it lands it shatters and Eternal gasps painfully passing out.

"Eternal!" Falcon shouts worried he runs over to her quickly finding the bright purple light dimming but not going. He pulls her close to him just has her eyes flutter open.

"I want to go home" Eternal whispers.

The End

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