Completing the ChangeMature

Falcon grits his teeth and tries not to scream. His innards seem to be having some sort of inter-organ wrestling match, either that or someone's trying to turn his guts to mush with a pair of very large pliers. He whimpers, forcing himself to keep his mouth shut as the pain slowly travels through every inch of his body.

Typically, it begins in his marked hand, inching progressively down to his chest before spreading to the rest of his extremities. It's not a sharp pain like a stab wound, it's more of a slow but intense burning. Falcon can only remember one instance where he's felt like this before. When Eternal removed the last of his magic from him back in the caves all those months ago, but that seems so mild compared to this new, fiery burning.

Why do these sorts of things always have to hurt? he asks himself, mind running through every curse he knows in an attempt to keep his mouth clamped shut. Every time magic has anything to do with him it always has to hurt. Typical.

Finally, after what seems like hours of pain, the burning gradually subsides. Falcon relaxes slightly and gets shakily to his feet, looking himself over cautiously.

"What? No claws?" he says jokingly, relieved to find himself in one piece. Even more of a relief is that the black "E" mark on his hand is gone, as are the bizarre tattoos. Falcon doubts he will miss that little fashion statement.

Life looks at him somewhat confusedly. Falcon looks back, "What?"

"Do you have any idea how weird you look in purple?" she asks. Falcon blinks in bemusement. Drake laughs,

"There was one moment in that change where you were practically glowing purple. If I hadn't been so worried for you, it would have been hilarious."

Falcon snorts and tosses his head, but the gesture almost makes him lose his balance. He doesn't feel any different to how he did before, except maybe a little light-headed and off balance. He certainly doesn't feel like he's gained any new magical potential. Falcon gives his wrist an experimental flick. Nothing happens.

"Shall we move on?" snaps the black-masked figure, sounding rather peturbed.

"Yes." Drake replies and, once again, the grounp set off. Falcon trails behind, wondering what sort of mischief they're going to wind up in at the cave. On the way he begins to try and get his magic to work, but again, no idle flicks of the wrist or freaky hand gestures will trigger any action.

However, all thoughts of magic dissolve from his mind when they step through another narrow gap into a larger cavern. Falcon's jaw drops, as do those of Peg and Lopez. Drake gives a wry smile.

"Well," he says. "We've finally made it."

The End

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