Lets GoMature

"I'll go first" Life says stepping up to the edge of the large black hole. She looks down and takes a deep breath. "I'm coming with you" Drake says stepping up to wrap his arms round her protectively.

He shoots a look at the lead figure who was watching Life with interest and a hint of hunger. The lead figure bows then gestures to the hole. Drake picks up Life then jumps. He hears the others jump behing him.

Drake lands on his feet perfectly and hears Life gasping heavily. He takes the opertunity to lean down and kiss her lightly on the lips which causes her to giggle.

"Knock it off you two" Lopez snaps. Almost friendly though. Drake smiles happily. "You're meant to respect your father" Drake says smiling still.

Lopez scoffs and everyone looks around. "Can each of you see?" Everyone turns to face the mask lead figure again. He smiles which sends shiver down their bones. "Good.... follow me"

They follow him through a confusing path and the group can hear the other of th mask figures skipping around them. Lightly but noticeble to those with stronger hearing.

Just then suddenly Falcon yells out. He falls to his kness and begins to curl in on his self. Drake, Peg, Lopez and the mask men try to step forward but Life stops them. "Don't...... he's completing the change. We can't touch him he'll kill us"  Life explains.

"Well thats just brilliant" Lopez mutters.

"How long?" Drake asks.

"You'll know when he starts glowing purple" Life mutters.

The End

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