In the darkMature

Drake ends up carrying Life as she slowly falls to sleep and he lifts her up on to his back. She hugs round his neck and presses her face in there as well.

Drake finds himself smiling then. Black figures surround then all with short blades. Their forearms go across there face, which is covere by a black mask and cloak, then the blades are close to the skin.

"Oh shit... Life wake up" Drake hisses. Life slowly raises her head and almost squeals but bite back on her lip.

"Seems we've got you all..." One of the figures says. "Follow us"

They begin moving and some shove Drake from behind. "I don't like this Drake" Life whispers gripping round my neck. I hold her more securely.

"Neither do I..... somethings wrong" Drake said. Just then they walk into a blinding room. A large crystal hangs down from the ceiling showing the very advanced building skills for some group of renegrades in a cave. They have tall spires and beautifully built domes.

Then just ahead Life sees.... "Falcon!" Life yells vaulting Drakes and skipping over. Then Drake sees Peg and Lopez. Peg's smiling and waving weakly.

Drake runs over. "What happened??" Life asks them.

"We solved the puzzle and well..." Peg looks over at the people. The group turns and faces them strongly.

"What do you want with us??"

The End

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