A Puzzle of Ropes and RocksMature

Contrary to Falcon's belief, the room is not in fact empty. At the other end are what appears to be a system of ropes and pulleys, all very complicated looking and more than a little unreliable. At the top is a niche in the rock, carved in a strange rectangular shape. Falcon scratches his chin, perhaps it's a trapdoor of some sort?

"What's this then?" asks Lopez, giving one of the ropes an experimental tug. Suddenly the system shudders into life, grating and tumbling over itself like a horde of demented vipers.

"I think we're supposed to solve it." says Peg. "Like a puzzle, and if we get it right then we get out."

"That would explain the rock at the top anyway." mutters Falcon. He peers at the ropes, trying to follow one back to its source, but its all too tangled for him to make sense of.

He steps forward and gives another rope a pull, but this time he is nearly flattened by the large chunk of rock that falls out of the ceiling. Right, he thinks, that wasn't so clever. Falcon turns to Peg and Lopez, furling his arms and nodding to the rock next to him.

"Well, there's our risk and up there's our escape route. Now then, let's see if we can get this blasted contraption to work."

Peg and Lopez nod, each moving to a separate space on the wall and peering at the ropes. Falcon selects his own patch and begins trying to disentangle two of the longest ropes. Something tells him this is going to take a while.

Peg squeals as yet another rock comes crashing down from the ceiling. Falcon turns to her:

"Oh, I forgot to mention those... let's try not to get flattened shall we?"

The End

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