Down in the deepMature

Drake hits the floor cradling Life and stopping her from feeling most of the impact even though its not as much as you would have expected. Life  moves off Drake and he gets to his feet looking up to see a pin prick of light.

He tries to widen his wings but the air is to heavy and he lets them relax sighing. "I can't fly" Drake says looking at Life whose brought her wings out but can hardly lift them.

"Me neither" She says pouting and retracting them into her back. She turns to look at Drake. "What are we going to do?"

Drake looks around then lights a flame in his palm. "I don't know but standing here won't help" He mutters. He wraps his free arm round Life holding her close and protectively to his side and they begin through the slightly lit darkness. Life creates a light orb in her hands and throws it into the air above their head so it floats there slightly in front of them as they move.

Drake puts out the flame in his hand and lifts up Life. He carries her gently but also strongly to keep her close and safe.

"I'm scared Drake" Life whispers.

"So am I Life" He says kissing her forehead. "So am I"

The End

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