Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Literally.Mature

Peg only just manages to get a hold on the scruff of Falcon's neck before he vaults in after Drake and Life.

"Don't be stupid!" she hisses. "It won't do either of us any good if we just go hurling in after them!"

Falcon snorts, but steps back from the edge anyway. Lopez peers cautiously into the hole. The other two follow his gaze, all three pairs of eyes widening alarmingly when they see what lies below them. There seems to be no bottom to the chasm, just an endless pit of inky blackness leading down to ... Falcon can't even think of what might be down there.

"Hello?" he calls down, voice echoing alarmingly down the hole. "Can you hear us? Drake? Life? ... Anyone?"

There is no answer from the abyss. Finally, the trio step back.

"We can't risk going after them." says Lopez, his voice as hard as the stone surrounding them. "We don't know where that hole leads."

"But we can't leave them!" Peg exclaims. "What if they're injured? What if-"

"They're not." replies Falcon flatly. "We'd know about it if they were - we'd feel it for certain. All we can do now is go along with whatever this crazy hag has planned and hope we meet them at the other end of it."

Lopez and Peg nod silently and, with a final glance back down the hole, the three turn back to face the empty room, only to find a large crack running down the wall.

"Looks like that's our exit." says Falcon, taking the lead. Like the way into the mountain, this gap is small and very claustrophobic, but they soon emerge into a larger space on the other side. This room too is empty, but they stay on their guard none the less.

Right, thinks Falcon, this should be simple enough. As long as there's no magic involved anyway...

The End

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