The ground begins to shake. Falcon, Peg and Lopez run over to the centre to join Drake and Life. Drake holds Life in his arms gently. She's still shaken. Still in pain.

"What the hell?" Falcon hisses. "How long are these tests going to last?" His voice is seriously angry and causes the witch watching to cackle out. The group look around trying to find her.

"This is my deal with the devil. You have 4 tests..... and they only get harder" Her voice echo's. Then the cackle continue as the ground beneath them begins to crack. They all look at each other then take off across the ground.

"I can't fly... the air's to heavy" Peg says as her pegasus wings which she forced out flap angrily.

"We're gonna be pulled down" Life whispers burying her face in Drake's neck. Its then the ground gives out.

Everyone falls down into darkness.... they might land hard or the they might not land at all.

"DRAKE!!!! LIFE!!!" The yells from above saying that only him and Life fell down into the hole.

"Keep close" Drake whispers to Life.

The End

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