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Falcon's tussle with his reflection may have left him dazed, but he could still see clearly enough to realize that Life was having much bigger problems with hers. Where he had been able to retaliate - turning everything the image had said back on itself until the thing had exploded with a shriek of frustration. Although Life's reflection isn't physically attacking her, it is clearly winning this battle.

"Come on Life!" he calls. "Tell the bloody thing what you think of it! You know it's not telling the truth!"

"But she knows I am." replied the Mirror Life with a very un-Life-like smile. "She knows I'm telling the truth!"

"Shut up you piece of demented crockery." snaps Falcon. Then Peg steps forward:

"You might not be our mother," she says, "But I think you're the next best thing. You make my father happy and that's all I could ask for."

Life looks up, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Falcon looks at Lopez suggestively, jerking his head in Life's direction. The boy gives him a sharp look in return, but sighs and turns to Life.

"You're not her," he says. "But you're not a bad person. You'll never be my mother, you'll never be anyone but yourself. But you are what you are. And ... I don't think you're that bad."

Falcon grins, "See? Even Lopez agrees. This mirror thing is just a cheap trick Life, they all were. Come on, give it a piece of your mind. Show it what you're really made of!"

Life nods and gets to her feet, wiping lines of tears off her face. She turns to face the mirror image, which is beginning to look a little uncertain beneath its ever-taunting smile.

"Go away." says Life shakily. "You're not real, just go away."

The mirror image shrieks with derision, but Life raises her hand and sends a bolt of energy smashing into the mirror's chest, shattering it into a thousand pieces. The others cover their eyes as mirror shards clatter to the floor around them, but finally everything is still again. Falcon looks to find Drake whispering in Life's ear. He turns to Peg and Lopez:

"Well. That was eventful."

The End

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