"I already know what I am" Drake says and lets the mirror man punch straight through him. The mirror Drake looks up, growls then smashes falling to pieces.

Drake sighs. Then a door shots up from the floor. Drake grabs the handle and steps through into a set of tunnels.

He hears a scream and he immediatly knows whose it is. Drake runs... not at normal speed but at dragon speed. He comes into a cavorn where Life is curled up on the floor her mirror self whispering in her ear.

"Leave her alone!" Drake shouts and rushes over to Life pulling her into his lap. The Mirror Life steps back and watches.

"She's worthless Drake... She'll never be as good as your old wife. Never be a mother to your kids" The mirror Life whispers circling us. Life continues to cry and shake.

"Shut up, Come on Life fight her. She's not you. She's just your doubts, your pain. You can fight it. These words don't mean nothing" Drake insists.

But Life shakes her head just as Lopez, then Peg and finally Falcon stumble into the room all with slowly healing cuts.

"Whats the hell is going on?" Falcon chokes out.

The End

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