Little WitchMature

Drake was not comfortable now at all the laughter was high pitched and cackling. He took Life's hand firmly in his.

"Four lost little shifters with a turner on their heels,

Lost in the dark with nothing but death to feel" The cackle rises after the poem is recited.

"Who are you?" Drake yells out. The laughter cuts of and everyone stops moving forming a circle round Falcon.

"Up here"

Everyone looks up but its only Drake who see's the person.... the witch. Upside down climbing on the ceiling. She flashes a smile then jumps down. "Ready to play children?"

The others turn to face her all the shifters crouching defensively. She smiles playfully at Drake and bites her lower lip. "You're a cutey aren't you" She says directly to him.

Life hisses moving up to him. The witch glares at Life but her face drops from a smile to a scowling frown when Drake puts an arm round her shoulder.

"We are ready for everything you can throw at us?" Drake says.

"Bring it on" Lopez says smiling. "I'm due for a good work out"

The witch looks at each person in turn examining them. "Then let the games begin shall we?"

The End

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