Creepers and CacklersMature

The group are all but silent as they slip through the tunnels, barely making any sound as they peer cautiously around every corner and walking so close together they're almost on top of one another. Aside from the sound of their breathing and the soft thudding of their feet on the rocky ground, everything is silent. Falcon shudders involuntarily, he doesn't like it in here and the constant threat of attack sets him well and truly on edge.

Suddenly a flickering motion catches his eye. He turns, just in time to see something flit off down a side tunnel - one of the many that turn off the main path. Another flicker, on the other side of the tunnel this time, this one larger than the last. Falcon taps Peg in front of him:

"Did you see that?" he hisses, keeping his voice as low as possible.

"What?" Peg replies.

"Those things in the tunnels, they keep whipping out of sight every time I try to see them but they're there alright. Tell the others to watch out."

Peg nods and whispers back down the line. Falcon keeps his eyes peeled, turning occasionally as another of the flickering creatures disappears up a tunnel. Whatever they are, they don't seem to be a threat - at least not for now. What I wouldn't give to have Dane and his bow here right now, thinks Falcon, maybe a warning shot or two would scare these little blighters off, whatever they are.

Then, out of nowhere, a great shrieking cackle echoes through the tunnels. The group freeze and look around, hair on end as the laughter rings through the rock around them, seeming to come from everywhere at once.

"Shit." mutters Falcon. "I think we may be in trouble now."

The End

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