Through the Gap, Into the MountainMature

Squeezing through the crack turns out to be a far less easy experience than Falcon had anticipated. Although not a particularly hefty man - in fact he was a little on the bony side - the gap was surprisingly small. His sword only complicates matters, catching on the rocks and banging into his legs as he sidles through the narrow passage after Drake. Behind him, he hears Lopez curse and mutter something about "damned nose." Falcon smothers a chuckle and focusses on squeezing past a particularly obtrusive rock shelf just above his eye level.

Finally, after a good deal of twisting, turning and cursing, the group come to the end of the gap. Now they are well and truly inside the mountain, the only light coming from the eerily glowing veins of iridescent blue rock running along the walls. Falcon peers closely at the blue rock, intruiged by the strangeness of the stone. He's never seen anything like it before, but something's telling him it's not as innocently beautiful as it appears. Drake coughs and Falcon returns to the others.

"Okay," says the dragon. "Above all, we have to stick together. There could be traps anywhere, and gods know what sort of horrors the devil's set to guard this place. Keep on your guard, watch each other's backs and don't get separated."

"What if we do split up?" asks Peg, glancing around nervously.

"Then we're screwed." replies Lopez flatly. Falcon snorts, the wolf seems to have read his mind.

"Hang on a moment," he says turning to Drake. "According to that book of yours, any contact with magic is going to kill me, right?"

Drake nods, but seems nonplussed. Falcon continues: "Well, don't you think that there's just a small possibility of running into some magical trap? You know, with the devil being lord of darkness and all that jazz? Not even the slighest possibility I might end up dead before we even get to this Shaft thing?"

"There is." says Drake. "But what can we do? You're not going to stay behind are you? We'll just have to run the risk."

Easy for you to say, thinks Falcon as the group move off, you're not the one who could end up dead. This really isn't my day is it?

The End

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