Is that it???Mature

"Is that it??" Falcon says staring at the crack in the mountain unimpressed. Life pats him on the back.

"Yep, but inside its hell supposedly. Take it away Peg" Life says. Peg giggles the carrys on the explanation.

"Inside are several booby traps now that the devil has put in and can only deactivate. We have to get through several to get to the Shaft. Which is a room made out of crystals with a centre podium with a shaft of light shining down on it... a sort of beam. That's where the rock goes"

"Stone" Drake calls over. Peg looks back at him and rolls her eyes.

"Fine its a STONE. Like it matters but thats what we have to do.... first we have to get through the crack" Peg says.

"Surely thats easy its just a crack" Falcon says looking at it.

"It's longer getting through it then it seems from out here.... and then there is the magic barier. You have to have magic to get through" Peg says.

"You didn't tell me that!" Falcon calls over to Drake.

"You didn't ask" Drake calls back smiling slightly and laughing. Falcon sighs but with a smile on his face.

"Lets do it then"

The End

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