The next morning, Falcon finds himself awake before the others. His arm hurts and no matter what position he shifts into he always seems to end up rolling on top of it. He mutters a curse under his breath and sits up, peering at his hand in the half light. The markings grow brighter by the day, and now it's beginning to worm its way up his forearm - its almost reached his elbow now. How far is it going to spread, he wonders, flexing his fingers experimentally. He hasn't dared try anything new after the incident with the rock yesterday, but perhaps he'll try something else later. When Life and the others are around to help him stop any potential carnage he may cause in the process.

What would the others say if they could see this? he wonders. Would they even be surprised, after everything else they'd encountered with Falcon and Eternal. His kids would probably think it was amazing. Helena might be a little unnerved. Dane would probably have burst into hysterics at what he'd done at the rock - either that or asked how he'd managed not to destroy anything else. Not that Falcon would have been able to answer that.

Falcon grins at the thought as he looks around at the peaceful landscape around him. The lake sits clear and still as glass and not a whisper of wind disturbs the trees. Lopez and Peg are curled up nearby, while Life is asleep at Drake's side - similar to the way Eternal used to sleep with Falcon. He pushes the memory aside before it can take root. Now is not the time for pointless remeniscing.

"Come on all!" he calls, startling the others awake. "Time to go! Which way to this Cave of yours?"

The End

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